Beth Twitty Not Responsible for Loss of Job Because of Comments


Last week when Beth Twitty went on Aruban radio to apologize for her comments she made regarding the Kalpoe brothers, many Arubans wanted her to do even more. Many callers including John Merryweather, protest organizer stated that Mrs. Ramirez, the Kalpoe brother’s mom lost her job at the Steakhouse at Manchebo because of the words that Beth Twitty had said. So on top of the fact of dealing with the vanishing of her daughter and the uproar over the comments she made; Beth is also some how responsible for a lost job. Many people insinuated that it was Beth’s fault because of her words was why Ramirez was fired and that she should some how feel bad and talk to the Manchebo Steak House to help get her job back. I wonder where Mr. Merryweather’s and others apologies are to Beth?

Not so fast. According to, ‘Ontslag voor moeder Kalpoe-broers’.

ORANJESTAD — “Het ontslag van Nadira Ramirez, de moeder van Statish en Deepak Kalpoe, heeft niks te maken met de zaak-Holloway of het feit dat zij de moeder is van de broers Kalpoe”, zo verklaart Ike Cohen, directeur van het Manchebo hotel.

English Translation:

ORANJESTAD —- “The firing of Nadira Ramirez, the mother of Statish [sic] and Deepak Kalpoe, has nothing to do with the Holloway-case or the fact that she is the mother of the brothers Kalpoe”, so explains Ike Cohen, director of the Manchebo Hotel.

Hereby Cohen reacts to the expressions of Ramirez in a morning newspaper that says that her firing relates to the Holloway-case. Cohen: “We have given Mrs. Ramirez the reasons for the firings, both verbally and in writing It is not up to us make the reasons for this firing public, since we are of the opinion that it would violate the privacy of Mrs. Ramirez.

The alleged reason that Ramirez was fired would have been fraud. After being off from her work on Monday and Tuesday because of the freeing of her sons Ramirez appeared Wednesday again at her work in the Steakhouse of Manchebo. She was called to the Management, her thinking was that she would have been congratulated. This was not the case. In presence of her highest boss Cohen was she told that she was fired. The alleged fraud would have been committed when she cancelled orders that the clients ate or drank, thus Ramirez would have allegedly put the money in her own pocket. Ramirez denies to have committed fraud and is thinking of fighting her ficanceledring. Ramirez worked nine years in the Steakhouse at Manchebo.

Hat Tip: Aruba Girl for translation

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