What Did EquuSearch Find 1/2 Mile Off the North Shore of Aruba?


According to very credible sources on th ground in Aruba and it now looks like it is being referenced on local Aruban news, EquuSearch has discovered what the man made object was 1/2 mile off the North Shore of Aruba that they had located earlier in the week.


MILLER: We are going to go back out tomorrow morning.
Well, it is possible there is something that is man made, possibly like a container or something, that we are interested in. We want to find it. We—I certainly talked with the commissioner on this and let him know the interest that we had.

SCARBOROUGH: Where is the container? Do you — do you have something that looks like a man made container that is actually at the bottom of the ocean?

MILLER: Well, it is at the bottom of the ocean. It appears to be something like that. And, again, we are not getting people excited. We may have some other equipment coming in from the states to, you know, research this a little bit more and get a better look at it.

But our divers are going in tomorrow. Hopefully, we can—we can get it and we can—we can bring it up. And, you know, it’s—this whole thing is a process of elimination and we are just now trying to eliminate things … So, you know, there’s a lot of highs and lows.

It turns out that the man made container object thought to possible contain Natalee was nothing more than a slab or granite or odd shaped rocks.

Could this be one of the contributing factors why EquuSearch has stated they may be heading home next Wednesday?

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