Today We are All Londoners


As was the situation following September 11, the sympathies poured in from countries across the globe to London, England. Especially those from one’s that have had their own personal terrorist attacks like in the United States and Spain.

But it was Jenny Dervin, from another Olympic city hit by a terror blast, Atlanta, who summed up the feeling of many around the world. “We are all Londoners today,” she wrote.

The tide of sympathy from readers in America and Spain – two countries that have already borne the brunt of al-Qaeda attacks – was overwhelming. Hundreds clicked on a Times Online e-mail link today to send their support to London after today’s deadly commuter blasts.

What people learned today is that we are not necessarily all Londoners today, but all of the civilized world are in this together. We should not have to experience a terrorist attack to understand what it means or what must be done. There is wickedness and evil out there and we all are in this together against it.

Here is a great article from The Wall Street Journal, Bloggers and Photographers Chronicle Chaos in London

From The Times On Line, Bloggers call for protests and solidarity.

Bloggers have called for a mass protest against today’s bombings and have insisted that Londoners will not be intimidated by the string of attacks on their city.

“The outrages in London are the work of enemies of humanity. There should be massive demonstrations throughout Britain this weekend to show our solidarity against them,” said Paul Anderson on the libsoc blog.

Bloggers had no doubt the attacks were the work of terrorists.

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    One Response to “Today We are All Londoners”

    1. Mark in Mexico on July 8th, 2005 2:15 pm

      Holy War – They absolutely will not stop

      Really bad news. This Iranian commentator on Middle Eastern affairs, Amir Taheri, says that the Islamofascists must convert the world to Islam or die. They cannot be reasoned with, they feel no pity, they absolutely will not stop.

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