Mother of Missing Teen Apologizes


AP: ‘Mother of missing teen apologizes to islanders for remarks’

ORANJESTAD, Aruba – The mother of an Alabama teenager who vanished apologized Friday for criticizing Aruban authorities’ handling of the investigation, saying she spoke out of fear and frustration following the release of two brothers who have been connected to the case.

Beth Holloway Twitty said she never intended to offend Arubans with her remarks Tuesday, which triggered a street protest from citizens frustrated with the negative attention on their Dutch Caribbean island.

I am also waiting with all due respect for Arubans to speak out and ask for an apology from the Kalpoe brother’s for helping perpetrate a premeditated lie that landed two innocent security guards from San Nicholas in jail. I would think that would be a pretty consistent thing to do. Or am I to believe that obstruction of justice and lying in this circumstance is some how different?

The statements I made on July 5 were fueled by fear and frustration,” Holloway Twitty told a news conference. “The Aruban people have been especially kind and generous and especially supportive.”

“I would like to apologize to the Aruban people and the Aruban authorities,” she added.

Truthfully, if all Arubans think that this case has been handled properly from day one then there is a lack of intellectually honesty. We have been critical of both the media and on authorities how this case has been handled; that would be a fair assessment of what has transpired. However, for all to not comprehend what just is a parents worst nightmare and some how take it as a personal affront is wrong. I will say this once again. This is pointed to ALL involved, not just Arubans, not just Natalee’s family and not just concerned readers, ALL. This story is about a missing teenager who has vanished without a trace from a vacation island where there is no crime. It is not about anyone’s pride or feelings being hurt because people may be critical of things and want results yesterday. This should be about, I would like to think that all Arubans & Americans can agree, doing everything humanly possible and agreeing to use any and all resources that are available without any obstruction from anyone to find Natalee Holloway. This is not about conspiracy theories and blaming a potential victim for any crime. It certainly should not be about a family’s desperation to find their daughter at all cost. In potential life and death situations, let’s face it, our pride or feelings are a small price to pay in comparison.

I believe that most all Americans and Arubans want this matter to come to a conclusion, a happy one at that. However, getting off message and somehow going after a grieving mother hardly seems like a message I would ever want to send to the world. I have never met nor spoke with Beth Twitty; although I consider her one of the strongest women I have ever known from afar. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be Beth Holloway-Twitty and neither can most of us. Let’s all hope we never have to.

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