Natalee Holloway; July 7, 2005


Fox News: Aruban Prosecutors Appeal Brothers’ Release

Aruban prosecutors have appealed a judge’s decision to release two brothers jailed in the disappearance of an Alabama teen who vanished from this Caribbean island, the prosecutor’s office said Wednesday.

Also …

The prosecutor’s office also said lawyers for Joran van der Sloot, 17, the only person who remains jailed in the case, have appealed the order holding him for an additional 60 days.

CNN: Kalpoe lawyer blasts Holloway’s mom

A lawyer for one of the brothers released from an Aruban jail in the case of missing Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway threatened legal action Wednesday over comments by the missing student’s mother.

Elgin Zeppenfeldt, an attorney for Satish Kalpoe, accused Beth Holloway Twitty of making “prejudicial, inflammatory, libelous and totally outrageous” statements.

Zeppenfeldt said her statement was “uncalled for, especially since my client is maintaining his innocence.”

Does anyone really think that a lawyer who’s clients have already lied at least once in an attempt to cover up whatever happened to Natalee Holloway is going to allow their clients to go back into court for whatever reason? I think the saying is, don’t push it and get out of Dodge.

>>> UPDATE: ‘Scarborough Country’ transcript for July 6 Wednesday show
Guest: Randy Hammer, Stacey Honowitz, Tim Miller, Paul Reynolds, Linda
Allison, John Merryweather, Bernard Goldberg

MERRYWEATHER: You know, first of all, this is not the United States. This—we are governed here also by Dutch law, Aruban law that is years and years older than the United States. And the Dutch law has proven itself over the years.

SCARBOROUGH: So, maybe you can educate us and help us understand why you would have the three key suspects, the three guys last seen with Natalee Holloway the night she disappeared, walk the island free for 11 days.

Explain how the maturity of Dutch law allows that to happen in a way that we Americans with our—gee, it’s only 220 years old—and the American legal system doesn’t understand it?

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