Aruba; Demonstration at 5:00pm


According to news sources from Aruba and Canal 90, there is supposed to be a demonstration held at the in front of the courthouse at 5pm.

I can only hope that Arubans and their officials understand that if this is the face that they want to displayed to Americans; they will have to deal with all ramifications. Because Aruba counts so heavily on American tourism, they do have a lot more to lose.

 Also, according to sources the search planes have taken off from Curaà §ao en route to Aruba.

In addition, according to sources on the ground in Aruba:

The mood here is NOT good after the Beth Holloway-Twitty called the Kalpoe brothers criminals. After listening to Top 95 radio today and some of the listener’s comments today I was unnerved by a small segment of the Aruban people and their reactions to Beth’s press conference. It appears that some Arubans are upset at “the image of a foreigner calling them criminals twice is not a good thing, implying that the courts are inept.”

UPDATE: Planes have flown over several times over Aruba as well.



About 50 people were at the protest, it really looked like the lunatic fringe. Many of the comments were expressly calling out the American media saying the portrayal of Aruba has been unfair.

It is our opinion that these 50 people are doing more damage to the relations with America as these words are spread around. Commenter “the big hammer” says “This 5:00 demonstration will be remembered as Aruba’s “Baghdad Bob” moment. It will also contribute to a record decline in tourism bookings in the ensuing months.”

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