Aruba 3 are in Court


From Fox News

The three young men detained in the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway went before a judge in Aruba Monday.

The judge was to decide whether to extend their detention another 60 days.

On Sunday, authorities investigating the disappearance took each of three young men out separately to various locations on the island. Aruba’s attorney general said the trips were a way to continue checking the suspects’ stories and to gather new information.

The three detainees — the 17-year-old son of a top justice official on the island and two brothers from Surinam — were arrested on June 9.

Holloway has been missing for five weeks.

Update: 12:04 The three are still inside the courtroom. Top 95 ( asked the mother if it was true that one of her sons were going to be set free? She said she didn’t know anything, but that her lawyer said that things were going in a positive direction

12:27 Satish has been seen leaving the courthouse in handcuffs with his head down. This is not a determination of what the situation is, just a report. Fox reported that there should be some information in the next hour or so.

 12:38 Jug and Beth Twitty have been allowed in the court house lobby, not the courtroom to witness the proceedings. They just reported “We have not learned anything yet.”

12:41 The evidence for Satish and Deepak Kalpoe has been presented.

12:42 The hearing is on hold for a Lunch Break. The Kalpoe’s mother is angry at the American Media. No new evidence has been presented according to the defense attorneys.

1:30 PM The F-16 Planes that the Dutch Military sent over to Aruba to search for Natalee have arrived on the island according to Canal 90. Thanks Arubagirl for the information.

2:25 PM EDT Judge has reached a decision on the 3 Holloway Suspects. Waiting for the details.


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