Natalee Holloway; July 2, 2005


After all was said and done yesterday with the AP story that was initially erroneously reported; the final news account is that “Teens May Be Charged, Aruba Spokesman Says“.

ORANJESTAD, Aruba – Aruba’s chief government spokesman said Friday that three young men detained in the disappearance of an Alabama teenager have not been formally charged but could be as soon as Monday.

>>> From MSNBC, A Question of Semantics”. Official says earlier claim that detainees had been charged was wrong >>> If you have not seen it already do not miss last nights interview, Beth & Jug Twitty On Scarborough Country; An Emotional Interview. The bombshell line from the interview, Jug Twitty said:

“If they let them walk on this island after what Beth and I know. There is a lot of information that we have that we cannot share because it would jeopardies the investigation but if they let them walk we can share it and it will be devastating. The United States and the World will be amazed”.

>>> ‘Scarborough Country’ transcript to the Thursday June 30 show. (Interviews with Wilbur McCauley, Alicia Jacobs, Mark Bowden, Jody Powell, Arlene Ellis-Schipper, Linda Allison, Paul Reynolds with MARTIN SAVIDGE.)

SCARBOROUGH: Can you tell me, Paul, how angry the family is tonight with the Dutch authorities? And do you think the real problem here lies with the Dutch authorities, as I have been told today from all my sources in Washington, D.C., or is it with the Aruban authorities? REYNOLDS: It‘s hard for us to differentiate, but certainly we can see that Aruba is not cooperating. I saw in one of the local newspapers today that they are forming a committee to protect the image of Aruba. I don‘t think their priority is appropriate here.

************ Other stories you may have missed: Here is a previous AP story that may have been missed, “Missing Teen Case Worries Aruba Tourism“.

As the mystery of a missing Alabama teenager drags into a fourth week, Arubans complain their peaceful little island is getting a bad rap. And they worry that if the disappearance of 18-year-old Natalee Holloway isn’t solved soon, Americans might get scared away, depriving the island of a prime source of revenue.

Tourism accounts for 70 percent of the gross domestic product of Aruba, a Dutch protectorate of 97,000. The island welcomes 728,000 visitors each year and an additional 550,000 cruise ship passengers. More than 70 percent are from the United States.

The last time a tourist was killed was in 1996, when two robbers shot and killed an American woman. They were arrested and convicted, police said. In 2005, only one person has been murdered, an Aruban man.

From Fox News: Aruba Case Raises Issues of Sovereignty, International Law

Aruba falls under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and has its own governor, in much the same way Hong Kong did before it reverted to China in 1997. It is almost entirely regulated by Dutch law, and its full autonomy was achieved only in 1986, though by agreement the Netherlands is still responsible for Aruba’s foreign affairs and its defense. It has virtually no legal system of its own, so it’s at least theoretically possible that the individuals arrested in connection with Holloway’s disappearance will be flown to the Netherlands and tried in a Dutch court.

8:30 PM

Jug is on Fox right now, says he is very frustrated, and says there is much more evidence that he has not told the world. He also says he could care less what happens with the boys, they could walk around Aruba for all he cares, he just wants Natalee back.

Jug wants more FBI on the island, but says Aruba is doing nothing with the ones they have.


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