Natalee Holloway, Afternoon/Evening Updates


For the first time on Friday after noon the Aruban authorities have come out and stated what many have suspected but most have dreaded to think. As days and days go by as Natalee has vanished without a trace they Aruban authorities have “suggested that Natalee was murdered.”

Fox News, Aruba Authorities Detail Murder Suspicions

For the first time Friday, Aruban authorities detailed the allegations suspected of the five men being held in connection with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and they suggested that Natalee was murdered.

Joran van der Sloot and his friends Deepak and Satish Kalpoe are being held under suspicion of murder and kidnapping as well as being an accessory to murder. A fourth man, Steve Croes, is being held under the same conditions.

The fifth man, Paul van der Sloot — the father of 17-year-old Joran — was being held on suspicion of complicity to pre-meditated murder, complicity to kidnapping and murder and kidnapping. Under the Aruban system, complicity is a lesser charge.

The charges that Paul van der Sloot is being held under seems to have changed a bit from what was reported last night. In any event, it was certainly not the news that the Holloway or Twitty families wanted to hear.

None of the men have been charged with a crime. But all are in police custody. An Aruban government spokesman confirmed the allegations.

The Political Teen has video from Fox on this.

Also transcripts from last nights Scarborough Country. ‘Scarborough Country’ for June 23

7:40 pm EDT: UPDATE: Aruba Today, June 24 edition

‘Texas Search & Rescue Team Arrives’

‘Aruban Police Detain Father of Dutch Suspect’

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    242 Responses to “Natalee Holloway, Afternoon/Evening Updates”

    1. jgirl on June 24th, 2005 5:44 pm

      Bad news. How can they distinguish between murder, and accidental death? Something from the phone calls, or computer?

    2. Brianna on June 24th, 2005 5:45 pm

      The bigger question may be would a drug overdose be considered accidental or can the “dealer” or “administrator” of the drug be held accountable?

    3. T K on June 24th, 2005 5:59 pm

      I am beginning to think that the aruban authorities are starting to make arrests and comments because they think it is what the media and everyone else will take to be progress. I just wonder how much of what they are actually charging these people with is going to stick in the end. It just seems like this is getting more crazy and that they are out of control with accusing people and never ever showing proof that these charges are justified. Just not sure what to believe and what not to believe.

      Maybe they will find Natalee soon, one way or the other and show some real proof so that everyone involved will get their peace of mind back.

    4. Kismette on June 24th, 2005 6:00 pm

      In the US, the ‘dealer’ and/or ‘administrator’ of the drug can be held accountable and charged and if guilty, be sentenced to a substantial amount of time… dunno about Aruba or Dutch law.

    5. kathy drenga on June 24th, 2005 6:00 pm

      Has the people from texas started their search yet? If they have what is the out come so far? Are the authorities telling her mother anything else? I have followed this every day so far, and it just looks like they don’t want to move any faster then they are. I think everyone will agree, that a break needs to come soon, this is pathetic for those parents, and loved ones to have to go through.

    6. kateyes on June 24th, 2005 6:02 pm

      I wonder if somehow JVDS did slip her a date-rape drug, and after the fact, Natalee became not only hysterical, but very threatening. She may have told them very boldly that she was going to go to LE, etc. They panicked and decided to kill her to avoid her calling the police and pressing charges against them. The decision may have been made in a matter of minutes, but it still showed premeditation. They get her to calm down, with the Kalpoe brothers staying with her, while Joran goes off to the side and calls Daddy dearest.

      The elder VDS shows up, he agrees that getting rid of her is the only way for this whole thing to be concealed, and by whatever method, she is murdered. Then, Steve Croes gets involved because one of the Kalpoe brothers calls him. Although he would not have access to the ‘Tatoo” party boat itself, he would most likely have access to the small boat used to take passengers from the shore to the party boat. Then, the only thing missing is how do they assure that the body stays down. This would explain the rumors of Croes being arrested for breaking into a fisherman’s hut and stealing ropes, weight and tape. Then, the Kalpoe brothers, and Steve Croes go home ( maybe in separate cars, maybe not.) Meanwhile, Daddy VDS takes Joran home. Could be too, that the VDS van was used to first transport her elsewhere to a more secluded area for the actual act of murder. This would explain why one of the vehicles was confiscated by police. As for body fluids reportedly found, it did not have to be blood. As a Registered Nurse I cared for many people who died in the hospital. Sad, but true, the last thing human bodies do is release feces and urine. So, the body fluid found may have been urine.

      I am beginning to think this whole thing is even more sinister than I previously thought. I wanted to believe that is a death occurred it was accidental, but now it seems she was purposely murdered. What evil deeds done by people wh, until now, everyone thought onf so highly. I pray for Natalee and her family.

    7. King of Controversy (Holland) on June 24th, 2005 6:33 pm

      Why do you all worry so much for this girl? If it is true what most of you’ll believe and she indeed got drugged, raped, killed and so on, she is just one of the far too many girls who experienced the same thing. So why this interest? One another American blog they told me because you find it a intriging story, is that really so, beacause than you are sicker than I thougt.

    8. Florida Boy on June 24th, 2005 6:36 pm


      Do you propose that we ignore the crime?

    9. Andro on June 24th, 2005 6:37 pm




    10. Stan on June 24th, 2005 6:38 pm

      “pre-meditated murder,”

      Premeditated ? Kinda shoots down the “accident” theories.

    11. King of Controversy (Holland) on June 24th, 2005 6:43 pm

      @ Florida boy
      Of course you shouldn’t ignore the crime, it is good that these practices get media attention, but haven’t you crossed the line a little bit?

    12. Yolande on June 24th, 2005 6:47 pm

      I understand in New Jersey there are three children missing right now. And just because the parents dont care the public doesnt care too?

    13. whoknows on June 24th, 2005 6:54 pm

      I will not believe she was murdered until American forensics experts have a body, or remains, and prove that it is in fact Natalee Holloway.

    14. sol on June 24th, 2005 6:55 pm

      yolande, what makes u think the parents of the 3 missing boys don’t care?

    15. DallasGirl on June 24th, 2005 6:55 pm

      I’m sure their parents are just as concerned as any other parent of a missing child is/would be. I don’t understand why would you think each of their parents don’t care. According to the last news story I read (link below) they had all been awake for the past two days and are broken up over this, pleading for help. Just like BH.,2933,160653,00.html

    16. Yolande on June 24th, 2005 7:04 pm

      That their parents didnt take really good care for their children was what I read in some reactions on blogs [euhm, just like people on here accuse Joran vanderSloot just because he has psychotic eyes on his pictures or because Dad vanderSloot sweats so much]
      What wonders me more is that there arent any fora or blogs about those three kids.

    17. Jeffash on June 24th, 2005 7:10 pm

      Be patient, in the next few days everything will come out and these bad guys will pay dearly. The world is watching.

    18. Yolande on June 24th, 2005 7:11 pm

      I meant, the parents didnt take good care of their kids before their disappearance.

    19. Hyderabad on June 24th, 2005 7:18 pm


      I don’t think NH was intentionally killed …..even if NH became hysterical, teh 3 boys know that the drug effect is only for few hours ……. it would have been her word Vs 3 boys words as to whether she took the drug on her own or was forced to take.

      I believe she is still alive

      If she died, it is probably due to overdosage of drugs taken by herself or given by one of the 3 boys. DJ helped dispose off the body. VDS Sr may have helped cover up but, police is not sure and took him into custody to learn more of his role. Also, VDS Sr may have given conflicting statements and hence was taken into custody.

    20. For Yolande on June 24th, 2005 7:25 pm

      What do you know of the parents, and how they did or did not take care of their children? I sure hope you know them personally, and are not taking the media’s word for how they act as parents.

      MSNBC just reported that the kids were found dead in a cars trunk.

    21. DallasGirl on June 24th, 2005 7:25 pm

      I know this is ***OFF TOPIC*** but the three NJ boys were just found dead in the trunk of a car.

    22. Yolande on June 24th, 2005 7:28 pm

      @For Yolande, … I have no words for what happened to the three kids …

      I don’t know the parents personally. Please read my previous post and you’ll know what I mean. Most of the posters here write like they know Joran or his father in person. They find him guilty without any trial. I don’t understand that. That was what I mean.

    23. Kerri on June 24th, 2005 7:32 pm

      I guess it was the parents car

    24. Peter on June 24th, 2005 7:39 pm

      An FBI agent that had witenessed the interrogators said that they are not being harsh at all in their approach.

      Anybody surprised?

    25. Yolande on June 24th, 2005 7:42 pm

      Peter, what do you mean. That Aruban Police isnt capable .. only American police is?

    26. JoeVols on June 24th, 2005 7:46 pm

      Good God, if so, why was the car not searched?.. That is the 1st place I look for my kids when they get out of my sight..Kids love cars, and hidiing in them…

    27. Kerri on June 24th, 2005 7:49 pm

      Yeah why did it take them two days to find the three bys when the car was supposedly parked in th driveway?

    28. TexasBelle on June 24th, 2005 7:50 pm

      O Simian I seemed to have upset you, my deepest apologizes. Your correct in description of me, for this I am proud. I have not once bashed your fellow country men nor country. It is the bottom feeders such as yourself that I have no use for. You thought by your claims of whom and their status of the author of the article would somehow impress me, not happening. And for what ever reason you felt you had to inform me who wrote that article in response to my stating she did not catch a flight home still bewilders me.

      You want to talk badly about us Americans in the same breath there is a steady flow of people from there and other nations trying to make America their home and sending their children to schools here in America to be educated by us American Imperialist minds. So all I can do now is smile at you and wish you a good day in hopes that you will not continue to be a boil on the butt of humanity and refocus on the real reason you’re here on this blog, that is Natalee.

    29. Camden N.J. on June 24th, 2005 7:51 pm

      From MSNBC – The bodies were discovered by Agosto’s father, David, who opened the car’s trunk, looked inside and then fell to his knees screaming. David Agosto was then overcome by grief and later taken away by EMTs.

    30. subdude on June 24th, 2005 8:04 pm

      Very disturbing news! “Premeditated murder” means at least one of the boys had to have killed NH with “malice aforethought.” In other words, the killer had to have formed the present intention of killing her while not in the heat of passion or rage, and carried out the killing with the specific intention of killing her. Nateyes is right that it can happen in a matter of minutes. at least under US law, but there has to be some time to reflect and the very specific state of mind of planning and intending to kill.

      Nateyes’ scenario fits the elements of premeditated murder and provides motive. If she was murdered, she most likely knew something about this group that they were afraid would become public knowledge — whatever that something is, e.g. rape, drugs, witnessed another murder, etc…

      That the Aruban authorities are charging premeditated murder means they have some factual basis to believe this scenario occured. If she was killed, I thought surely it would have been in a fit of rage or an accident. Premeditated is so cold and calculating, and to allegedly have this many people involved . . . Shoot!

      I hope against hope this is a tactic to ratchet up the pressure on the suspects to make one crack, but . . .

      Kidnap leading to murder also suggests to me that at some point NH became aware of her surroundings (if she was drugged at first) and attempted to leave or demanded to be taken home. The police have to have some facts that she was not there consensually at some point. Where would they get this idea — apart from the murder? She could be there voluntarily and be murdered. Kidnapping and murder do not always run together.

      I think one of the boys has cracked and admitted that NH wanted out at some point and maybe some forensic evidence suggests a body.

      I am going to keep hoping and praying otherwise, but I’m fealing weak at this point.

    31. Kim on June 24th, 2005 8:19 pm

      How much can a shark eat, could they have eaten her if she fell in the water? I did not think they ate clothing? Hope this is not the case, but its far fetched, either she disappeared to another island, someone has her in their house on the island, if so search everyones home NOW! Or sharks ate her.

    32. Eric on June 24th, 2005 8:28 pm

      Sharks have been found with lots of junk in their stomachs, so I dont think clothing matters much.

      Besides, I dont think Sharks chew their food, they just swallow hole fish and digest along the way, much like crocodiles. The teeth are only used to pull food into their bodies.

    33. Peter on June 24th, 2005 8:38 pm


      I am repeating what I heard.

      BUT, now that you ask . . . NO, I don’t think the Aruban police are up to the task. They are fumblers and botchers. I believe they are trying – NOW. Because the victim’s mother is hell-on-wheels and because of the press coverage.

      My turn – How much time does the Aruban police NEED to get a confession out of a SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD BOY???

    34. Yolande on June 24th, 2005 8:45 pm

      Peter, did you ever thought that maybe the boy is innocent? Or .. if he might confess it’s because of overwhelming interrogation?

    35. Yolande on June 24th, 2005 8:46 pm

      I was repeating what I heard too.

    36. Eric on June 24th, 2005 8:51 pm

      Confessions dont really mean much in today’s legal system, at least here in the states. A suspect can confess to a crime and still plead not guilty to the crime when in front of a Judge.

      Look at the Rily Fox murder here in Illinios. He confessed to killing his daughter to be cleared about 1 year later by DNA evidence. He said he confessed to the killing because he couldnt stand the abusive treatment he was receiving from the Wilmington Police.

      They need the Body. Without it, they will never know for sure how she died.

    37. Eric on June 24th, 2005 8:53 pm

      Sorry, When I typed “He” I meant to type “Her Father”

    38. Yolande on June 24th, 2005 8:54 pm

      It really shocks me to see so many people think a person[s] is/are guilty before its proven they are guilty.

    39. Eric on June 24th, 2005 8:57 pm

      Yolande – People are Human. We can all be judgemental, esecially when we feel passionate about something. This board does nothing more than reveal that fact.

    40. Peter on June 24th, 2005 8:58 pm


      No, I don’t think he is innocent. Innocent people don’t lie. THEY LIED. He and his playmates did. When they shoudln’t have had too. About anything.

      The very trio that drove off with her into the night, not to be heard from again. I don’t see the innocence element. Maybe you can help me. . . .

    41. Eric on June 24th, 2005 9:00 pm

      I think the three of them are guilty as well, but of what I dont know. I agree that the Lies show they have something to hide. We just dont know what that is yet.

    42. Yolande on June 24th, 2005 9:02 pm

      Peter, I cant help you. The information we have so far is only the information we have so far. And I see no reason to judge anyone.
      Its very possible Joran changes stories because the stress of the 10 hours a day-interrogations gets to him. I can even not say hes lying.

    43. Peggy on June 24th, 2005 9:03 pm

      I live in NJ and I can tell you the three kids have been on the news all day and volunteer searcher flocked to the scene.

      My theory of WHY Natalee has gotten so much press is this:

      1) She was on a trip with 100 kids. That is 100 families intimately involved with trying to get her back, That is a big multiplier.

      2) The mother is speech therapist for kids…All those clients are involved.

      3) Its a professional area in Alabama. There are marketing professionals, lawyers, fundraisers, etc….all involved and helping getting the word out to the press.

      4) Timing…Michael Jackson trial just ended. There is a gap in news stories.

      5) She genuinely is a good kid.

      6) The press often publicizes a specific situation to highlight international problems. They may have been looking for a human interest story to explain and publicize the problem of child kidnapping in the sex trade. They highlighted this problem after the tsunami. Its a problem the press has begun to highlight in general. The fact that it was in Aruba could be random. Aruba is closer to travel to for the press than the far east though for instance.

      Just my thoughts.

    44. Dana on June 24th, 2005 9:09 pm

      This is the first I’ve heard of the NJ case.

    45. Peggy on June 24th, 2005 9:12 pm

      It was only a few days old problem,

    46. Dana on June 24th, 2005 9:15 pm

      Is I Yell Chris in the Hallways here?

    47. Dana on June 24th, 2005 9:17 pm

      Is there any new news on this case? There seems to be a lot of nothing going on.

    48. Eric on June 24th, 2005 9:19 pm

      This is cynical, but I think the Media feeds on these types of stories. Sensational news stories get ratings. The coverage of these stories also wins them awards and recognition.

    49. Peter on June 24th, 2005 9:22 pm


      Joran lied before he was arrested and placed under interrgation.

    50. Yolande on June 24th, 2005 9:28 pm

      Peter, and how can you be so sure about what moment exactly he lied? Did he tell you that?

      Eric, I now feel awful bringing the subject of the three kids in NJ up. Now they’re found dead.
      The world is cruel :(

    51. Hyscience on June 24th, 2005 9:35 pm

      Friday Evening Obligatory Natalee Holloway Updates

      What’s real? Most likely the Fox Scenario since its’ based upon what the Aruba authorities are leaking out, and they’ve certainly had enough witnesses jailed long enough to have a better sense of what happened to Natalee then the rest of us crystal …

    52. franky on June 24th, 2005 9:35 pm

      I actually dated a girl 4 years ago, she went out with some friends. Drug friends they would do X and stuff together. I did not do drugs, so she would hang out with this group on her own. She experimented with GHB that night and slipped into a coma for 4 days. True story, over 25k medical bill and that is just one of the bills. We broke up a couple of months later becuase she would not stop hanging out with the friends that almost killed her.
      Point of the story is that you do not have to be slipped anything. Some girls and guys take these drugs willingly. The Dj is the drug dealer. An island that small the cops should know everything about everyone.

    53. Peter on June 24th, 2005 9:36 pm


      I think it was reported 3 weeks ago that he and his pals dropped Natalee off in front of the Hoilday Inn and was helped by a security guard. No Natalee in the security cameras meant no Natalee, meaning they couldn’t have dropped her off when they said. Hence, they lied.

      And hey, there’s more. The three punks have admitted to their respective mothers that they lied. And the cops still can’t get a teenager to admit to what he knows.

    54. Dana on June 24th, 2005 9:36 pm

      This sounds true. Is Chris here?

    55. franky on June 24th, 2005 9:38 pm

      What is premeditation. Maybe they met at casino, agreed to meet up at the club and do experiment with some drugs. Joran called his dealer friend, he provded Joran with the drugs. Everything was fine for a few hours and then something happend.

    56. Dana on June 24th, 2005 9:38 pm

      Me thinks there is more here than meets the eye!

    57. Yolande on June 24th, 2005 9:49 pm


      Though you’re not sure if the mothers tell the truth in the media. And if the cameras were working okay. And if the police brings just the truth in the open.

      Being angry and not content with the police .. is related to the seriousness of the ‘crime’ but also a problem in every country. Why do you think Americans would have already solved this case?

      But I have to go now. Ciao.
      Will read the reactions later.

    58. Peter on June 24th, 2005 9:55 pm

      Arresting Joran’s old man threw me UNTIL I heard what Natalee’s step-father had to say. According to him, the day they arrived they wanted to question Joran right off. In front of them, Joran’s father stepped in and told him to keep quiet. Then he said that Van Der Sloot tried to STARE Mrs. Holloway down. Why? Van Der Sloot also made the remark that they had no business asking questions and that Americans have no manners. Whatever that means.

      Me says Joran’s daddy was trying to intimidate Mrs. Holloway. A woman that is only looking for her daughter. Why? This is scum to me. Him and his kid. Tough guys. At least with the women.

    59. Peter on June 24th, 2005 9:56 pm


      I’m not even going to bother.

    60. Peggy on June 24th, 2005 10:05 pm

      This has got to be the strangest story ever. It’s like watching a bad Lifetime Movie

    61. Stan on June 24th, 2005 10:07 pm

      Regarding the arrests and severity of the charges, I read somewhere today that under their law a charge cannot be “increased” after arrest, only lessened. Therefore if the arrests are all for the most severe charges then they’re covered, they can always decrease to lesser charges if needed.

      That being said I still find the “pre-meditated” for the father (only) to be food for thought.

    62. Peter on June 24th, 2005 10:08 pm

      I also heard that obstruction of justice is NOT a crime in Aruba. Is from Joran’s lawyer.

    63. Bham on June 24th, 2005 10:08 pm

      Peter – don’t waste your time presenting facts to Yolande – I’ve watched this board closely for the last 3 weeks and I’m close to the situation – Every time you present her with facts, she ignores them or says they were made up and will regurgitate some passive fantasy about Joran being such a good boy or Americans and the media persecuting them without cause. Most of us that are discussing the facts never even respond to her -there are a couple of others that are the same way – eventually they resort to name calling and temper tantrums. Regardless of their tactics, logic, facts , truth and justice are never in their agenda. They truly believe you can commit crimes, lie or whatever as long as someone else can’t prove that you are doing so. They really like to run and keep on running with that whole reasonable doubt thing.

    64. Steve on June 24th, 2005 10:11 pm

      It is my opinion Natalee was targeted, drugged at the bar (maybe with help from Bar employee), taken by three teens who mauled, raped and butualized her, then “Something Bad Happened” probably her death at which time our prize Aruba Teen called his daddy to help get rid of Natalee’s body.

    65. Bham on June 24th, 2005 10:11 pm

      I am curious if anyone has heard how much progress the search team has made today? Are the focusing on 1 pond or multiple areas today. Does any one know?

    66. Bham on June 24th, 2005 10:13 pm

      I agree with you Steve – except I’m curious why Aruba is using the phrase “pre meditated murder”. Perhaps they have a different definition or they know much more than what has been released. Actually I’m sure they know much more – I’m just shocked at pre meditated

    67. Steve on June 24th, 2005 10:16 pm


      Natalee was targeted from the start, that’s enough pre-meditated in my opinion. Let the guilty parties tell the truth if otherwise.

    68. brenda on June 24th, 2005 10:17 pm

      I think we should take this back to the bus driver who told those kids to go to that bar. he seems to me just as much involved as anyone else. I am not nieve nor stupid. AMERICA wake up don’t accept this (we think she was murdered but we don’t have a body deal thats what they want ya too think so everyone can go home and get over it. I am a skeptic dont buy that. may GOD shed light on what is really going on.

    69. subdude on June 24th, 2005 10:18 pm


      If they raped her, or she knew something else they were afraid she’d tell, and then decided to kill her to keep her from telling, this would qualify as premeditated. Don’t have to plan for days, minutes will do. Its the state of mind that matters. Was the killing done with “malice aforethought” — with the intention to kill formed before the act and not while in a fit of “passion”, e.g. rage, jealousy, etc…

    70. Bham on June 24th, 2005 10:20 pm

      I agree Steve. Personally I think Paulus coached all of the boys on sticking to their story – thus the reason for the delay. If my Dad told me to stick to a story no matter what – I’d do it – I trust him to take care of me – at that point everyone else is the enemy – stick with the person that will take care of you.

      Most everyone is saying he probably coached Joran – but I don’t see why he wouldn’t coach all of them on their stories. Has any one else thought about this?

      Wouldn’t this implicate Paulus even if he wasn’t involved in disposing of Natalee? Or he could have done both – coached the boys and helped to cover up the crime.

    71. Steve on June 24th, 2005 10:24 pm


      I agree with you.

    72. Dianne Summer on June 24th, 2005 10:24 pm

      A few more days with the experts from Texas and maybe they will find a body or clues that she was kidnapped. Brenda brings up a good point. I think they just want it over with and everyone home. With no body, are we sure she was murdered?

    73. Bham on June 24th, 2005 10:25 pm

      I see your point subdue – I agree with you – I was still thinking in the terms of planning in advance.

      Brenda – your bus driver theory doesn’t really make sense to me – I take advice on places to go from all kinds of people when travelling – C & C’s is a well know tourist spot. Your implications are the same as a bus driver in the US suggesting some tourist go to the Grand Canyon – those tourist disappear and you think the bus driver has something to do with it? That bus driver probably recommends lots of places – he probably listed C & C as 1 of the places to go – not the only place to go

    74. Peter on June 24th, 2005 10:25 pm


      Yeah, I noticed. Thanks for the tip.

      What these guys didn’t count on was the security camera.

    75. Bham on June 24th, 2005 10:27 pm

      Dianne – the reason I think they are accurate with murder charges is the fact that if she were alive and if she were being held somewhere, the boys would have fessed up – being accused of kidnapping is much less severe than murder. If they murdered her, there is no incentive for them to do anything other than lie about the scenario.

    76. Dianne Summer on June 24th, 2005 10:28 pm

      I don’t agree with the bus driver part… but the part that she may have been kidnapped… how can these kids hide a body so well unless the master minded father did the hiding.

    77. Peter on June 24th, 2005 10:28 pm

      Can somebody find a bigger and heavier feather to hit Joran over the head with and get it to Aruba ASAP??

    78. Bham on June 24th, 2005 10:30 pm

      too funny Peter – I am anxious to hear what the FBI has to say about the investigation when this is all over – I’m curious about their assessments of the investigations.

    79. Dianne Summer on June 24th, 2005 10:30 pm

      Yea I guess it’s just wishful thinking that she would be alive. But then again, being alive as a slave it as bad as being dead if your not rescued. This is so so so sad. I have a 20 year old daughter and this whole story is a nightmare. I can’t even imagine the mother pain.

    80. Bham on June 24th, 2005 10:31 pm

      Diane, I’m not so sure a body is hidden that well – personally I wouldn’t dump a body in a pond with the vast amount of water surrounding them – I’d take out a boat and dump far far away – what are the chances of finding her then?

    81. subdude on June 24th, 2005 10:32 pm


      I don’t think coaching witnesses would qualify as “complicity in murder”. If I am told of murder but have no other involvment and tell the person who told me to lie to the police, I am not an accomplice to the murder. I am obstructing justice, supborning perjury and some other things.

      The accomplice to murder for PVDS has to be based on more, I think. Unfortunately, I think it is based on forensic evidence in the VDS cars consistent with NH fluids, and the theory is PVDS helped get rid of body.

      I’m sad.

    82. Dianne Summer on June 24th, 2005 10:35 pm

      Didn’t Lacy Peterson husband dump her body in the ocean. How long before they found her. Do you remember?

    83. Bham on June 24th, 2005 10:36 pm

      Could be Subdude – there are some conflicting reports on what makes up “complicity to murder” I watched 2 interviews on fox today that were conflicting – one reported the father could tell the boy to be quiet with no implications, the other said if he coached the boy on what to say, the father would be guilty. At least that was my interpretation of what was said – I prefer your theory that they actually have evidence.

    84. Bham on June 24th, 2005 10:38 pm

      I do not remember but I can’t imagine it would be too hard to dump a body in a manner that it would sink and not come back up (if Dad was coaching) – of course I have no experience in this area – it may be a very difficult thing.

    85. Bham on June 24th, 2005 10:41 pm

      Well I’m off to bed – Maybe we’ll wake up in the morning to a conclusion to this mystery!

      Ta Ta fellow speculators

    86. subdude on June 24th, 2005 10:45 pm

      Night, Bham. Diane Summer: Laci was dumped on 12/24 and her torso washed up in April of the following year. Connor’s body washed up about 1 week earlier, I believe. She was weighted down, but (and this is gross) the ropes used to hold the weights cut off her legs and head once the body decomposed in the water. At least that is what the experts thought. She washed up a mile or so from where Scott dumped her despite strong currents.

    87. Dianne Summer on June 24th, 2005 10:46 pm

      OH god…. how frightening… it makes me cry to think that happened.

    88. Dana on June 24th, 2005 10:48 pm

      C&C – the bar she was at – sounds like a lowlife place. Drug dealers hanging around outside.

    89. Dianne Summer on June 24th, 2005 10:53 pm

      All those kind of bars on islands for kids are drug dealing and drinking places. I took my daughter to CoCo Bongo in Cancun and it was awful. Kids throwing up all over the place and a fire hazard too. I was terrified, looking for the nearest exit in case of a fire. I took her to some places in Bahamas and drug dealing was all around as well. It’s bad here in the states too. It just part of the club scene. She tells me what goes on all the time. The kids take it matter of factly. It’s not big deal to them.

    90. Kim on June 24th, 2005 11:03 pm

      “Pre-meditated murder” Is this guy a psyco? Is he on medication for depression or anything else? Has the father had a past history or tendancies to hurt people? those things I would want to know about. This is so unreal!

    91. Kim on June 24th, 2005 11:07 pm

      Has anybody thought of trying a lie detector test? that will tell them alot? Why does it seem so hard for these officials to attempt that?

    92. harriet on June 24th, 2005 11:11 pm

      lie detectors not legal in aruba…

    93. harriet on June 24th, 2005 11:12 pm

      fbi offered, they were told no because it could not be admitted as evidence…

    94. Kim on June 24th, 2005 11:14 pm

      Thats crazy, then why do we have them? An order should be administered!

    95. harriet on June 24th, 2005 11:16 pm

      their laws and ways of doing things are so different than ours. they have leaked very little info, unlike we would have over here. they seem to be collecting all info so they can be sure…and then report everything all at guess

    96. Kim on June 24th, 2005 11:26 pm

      Heres a thought, have they thought of scouring the city at night, see who comes out of their cocoon, its less visible and maybe they try to transport her at night since darkness covers alot that the daylight can visible see. Someone may notice that a neighbor only comes out at night and moves around alot?

    97. harriet on June 24th, 2005 11:42 pm

      I can’t imagine that her mom has not been out and about at all hours of the day AND night. That mom is a go getter and I believe she has left no stones unturned to the extent that she had access.

    98. Selena on June 24th, 2005 11:49 pm

      JORAN ANDREAS PETRUS VAN DER SLOOT, using the letters in his name several words can be found, among them, ORANJSTADT, RAPE, STUDENT, NOORD AREA, “SAND OVER SEA AND/OR TOOLS POOL”. REASON, TRUST, LOVER. Also REASON)able) DNA. ARREST and STAND (stand trial)
      TRESPASS, LOOTER, and SLANDER also come forth, as do DEALER, and DEALS.
      Adding his father, PAULUS ANDREAS VAN DER SLOOT, other words appear. LUPUS (wolf) AND LOVER,” PULL” and ” ORDER” Adding the W from Holloway to either men’s names you find the word ANSWER., the H HOUSE.

    99. Selena on June 24th, 2005 11:50 pm

      His mother’s name ANITA VAN DER SLOOT adds another dimension to the riddle. LOVED VAIN SON, and LOVED IN VAIN. Her name is one letter short of the word NAIEV(E) but DENIAL is there. Also STRAIN.
      LEAV(ES) ISLAND, ( borrowing letters from her husbands name) and HOLLAND if you use the letters in Natalee’s name. None of the combinations of the three VDS’s alone have produced the word HELP or SEARCH.
      Borrowing letters from Natalee’s and her husbands name you do get the word PRAY, as well as HYSTERIA, and NON ENTITY for the mother. Mrs Van der Sloot said she put up her HAPPY ANGEL for Natalee, using a combination of letters from names ( NH, JVDS. PVDS, SGC)

    100. Selena on June 24th, 2005 11:51 pm

      TAN,TALENT, TEEN, ALONE, AWAY. You also find the words WHOLE, HEAL, HOLE. Adding letters from Jorans name, HOLLAND and HONOR STUDENT appear, as well as the words HORROR, from just Joran’s name alone TERROR, and the combination DEATH… Adding Jorans and the brothers names to Natalee’s you find SHE’S NOT A RUNAWAY, JOINED IN ORANJSTADT, RAPE, PILLS, POOL, KILLED, POND. They are concentrating on an area near a pond…

    101. harriet on June 24th, 2005 11:51 pm

      i don’t get it

    102. Selena on June 24th, 2005 11:51 pm

      the Kalpoes have another view. DEEPAK KAPLOE. KEEP PAL,and the word DOPE, his brother, SATISH KAPLOE, has the following combinations, STASH, SPLASH. along with HOPE and HEAL, and HELP. Together the folowing words are found. POOL, KEPT, and LOOK. Just an observation….
      On a darker note, when you add Jorans name to the brothers you do find, JOINED. PILLS, KIDNAP, POND, and KILLED.

    103. Selena on June 24th, 2005 11:52 pm


      Starting at the beginning…

      Initially the HOLIDAY Inn was stated as the last place where Natalee parted with the three islanders. This location can’t be made with the combination of the above names involved. It was a HOLIDAY when she disappeared, but it is doubtful she was ever returned to an Inn by CAR You need the addition of Croes name to make car, and LIGHTHOUSE- an area near DUNES-needs the addition of Natalee’s name Joran’s and the G from Gregory to make this theory work..GOOSE CHASE can be made -GOOSE from Croes letters, CHASE using the addition of Satish. This area was SEARCHED, needing the letters from the last three above. With NO RECOVERY (last four names ) It was recently mentioned that Natalee wanted to see the SHARKS. The word “swim” does not appear here.

    104. Selena on June 24th, 2005 11:53 pm

      The addition of these two names are important to develop the storyline …She was “dropped off” by CAR,
      the words SECURITY, BLACK, SHIRT, and CIGARET(T) E, BEACH and BUMS, cannot come from any combination using only the names of the earlier four people mentioned. WALKIE, talkie, another word WALK and SWIM can be made, but only by using the W in Holloway, and letters from the Kaploes but these words appear to follow a “STORY” that was told by JVDS ,Croes and the brothers, in fact the word COVER UP needs JVDS and SGC’s letters to materialize..

    105. Selena on June 24th, 2005 11:54 pm

      With the name of Croes,. who worked as a DJ on the TATOO you would need the addition of several letters that come from from Joran Van der Sloots name forming the last two words as well as PARTY,and CRUISE. BOAT, and ALIBIS are found only with the addition of the B in Abraham . As we now know the two men arrested were released after their alibis were confirmed. The word DRUGS also cannot be made without the addition of Joran Andreas Petrus Van der Sloot to Steven G Croes, and DRUG DEALER also needs this addition.. The word BOAT would need the B from Abraham and after Abraham’s release the boat became a possibility. MARRIOTT can be found within this combination using the nickname Mickey , and Mr Johns provided this information (as he heard in detainment) after his release. Pursuing these tips seemed to lead investigators ASTRAY. INNOCENT is found when using letters adding Croes name to the men’s names above, and the person who originally identified them was indeed Croes. Croes name is also necessary to make the word GUILTY, using combinations of Joran’s, Satish’s and Croes names. PANICKED, ANGER, RAGE, and CELL also come out of combinations that need Croes name to be seen. ( 6:30 AM call from cell phone).

    106. Selena on June 24th, 2005 11:55 pm

      DID HARM, DID HURT, STUDENTS, and LIES can also be seen using just the names of Joran and the brothers. Adding Croes to Jorans name produces DRUG DEALER. INTENT and DECEIVE are also found using combinations of these names.

      CARLOS N CHARLIES, with the addition of Jorans name produces CHAPERONES, or NO CHAPERONES, a topic that has been debated., with the Kaploes name, CAR and SEEN, and DANCED, DRUGGED, DRINK, and DRUNK (using SGC’s and a combination of Jorans and Kaploes name).as well as SILVER CAR, CARELESS, DANGER, and sadly, ACCIDENTAL.DEATH.

    107. Selena on June 24th, 2005 11:56 pm

      One more thing…you can also find the entire name of JAN VAN DER STRAATEN in( Joran Andreas Petrus Van Der Sloot)

    108. Selena on June 24th, 2005 11:56 pm

      This is not to put forth any new theories, every detail has been discussed and given consideration by MSM and Internet sleuths. Just an observation using names. I hope you found it interesting.

    109. harriet on June 24th, 2005 11:57 pm

      you must be a gifted student

    110. Selena on June 25th, 2005 12:02 am

      I like word puzzles……..

    111. harriet on June 25th, 2005 12:09 am

      i see. i don’t have the patience to put all that together.

    112. DADDY US on June 25th, 2005 12:35 am


    113. harriet on June 25th, 2005 12:38 am

      bible code?

    114. Selena on June 25th, 2005 12:51 am

      I did see that Bible Code site Daddy..but this came just from the letters in their names.

    115. ydave on June 25th, 2005 1:17 am

      you are smart selena.

    116. ydave on June 25th, 2005 1:46 am

      I suspected they killed her long time ago. And i suspected Paulus van der Sloot gave a hint to the Aruba AG, Caren Janssen, about what happened to Natalee the same day she disappeared.

      PVDS thought the story will die down and rumors that she ran away, or kidnapped to another country will be a satisfactory conclusion for every one on the island. Early on the morning of May 30th stories that one of the students from the US vacationing in Aruba missed her flight and may have been kidnapped spread quickly in Oranjstad. The Aruban police did not bother to search.

      None of them, residents and Aruba officials, expected this pressure to rescue or recover Natalee’s body.

      PVDS, described by his wife as a quiet and shy man, is not quiet or shy. He is just cold, and inhuman.

      Natalee will be found.

    117. DADDY US on June 25th, 2005 1:54 am

      Selena, what you posted is interesting. I printed out bible code translation on the Holloway case about a week ago. Pretty much says she was kidnapped to be a sex slave. However, a wealthy muslim person is mentioned in the code. Here are some examples: damsel, arabia, woman. I have been looking over the bible code according to Holloway, here are some interestin words: house, moved, mean, sand, wall, sofa, father, beaten, called. here is the bible code site

    118. alyse on June 25th, 2005 2:14 am

      Selena & Daddy Us,
      reminds me of psychics brought in to help with the case.
      Thats amazing.
      I appreciate you all following this – I don’t find it strange that people are following this – I have three daughters, lost one of their close friends in an auto accident last year and with all the sad stories of kids missing – I think we all have to care & look out for each other.
      I feel encouraged of the care I feel from you all that there are good folk out there.
      Yes, she will be found.
      I agree with the one who questioned the lies – what would the reason be to tell lies – even to cover for your friend if he was such a great person and a great friend.

    119. illichk on June 25th, 2005 2:24 am

      you guys have to really get a life

    120. illichk on June 25th, 2005 2:30 am

      are you trying to figure out something out of my name? what is taking you so long?

    121. very sad on June 25th, 2005 4:25 am

      Because i went to mbhs (same high school as natalee) years ago, i have some thoughts. 1st, i don’t think the reporters have looked at all the possibilities of what could have happened to natalee.

      although mtn. brook is very nice, life in high school can be full of overwhelming pressure. it is also a strict / religious / mostly right wing town. when i was there, 2 kids from my class killed themselves.

      sometimes i wonder if this very, very sad situation is the result of a desperate confused girl who didn’t know what to do.
      maybe she was clinically depressed. people may think she had zero reason to kill herself, but nobody does, & a picture perfect life doesn’t always make you happy. she transfered from another school & that may have been hard for her.
      or maybe she was pregnant. what is a Christian girl to do who doesn’t want to kill a baby, but is deathly (maybe literally) afraid of ruining her reputation by being a single mother, etc. esp. in mtn. brook. these are just guesses… possibilities- just like rape/murder is a possibility. maybe he raped her, then she killed herself? i also would be curious to see & compare the numbers of teen female suicides in america to murder/manslaughter… just a thought.

      ….or maybe this is a part of a government conspiracy to frame that boy’s family. his father is a politician & the dutch are “liberal”. maybe his dad knew something he shouldn’t have known…

      But more seriously, I think Natalee’s state of mind is important to research- because most deaths are accidental (even suicide) & sometimes the truth isn’t what it seems.

    122. Yolande on June 25th, 2005 4:31 am

      Everything leads in the direction of Joran and the two brothers. What I dont get is why they have been in custody before and been released. Where all three of them perfect liars? I dont believe that.

    123. Yolande on June 25th, 2005 4:44 am

      Bham, do you know me?
      I react here since yesterday. I feel I have to as I see the opinions of people move just in one direction. I understand why you want to see a person[s] responsible for her missing, and if possible very quick. But what you do in the meantime is call people guilty who didnt have a trial, bash Aruban police, bash Dutch mentality. There is more than just one opinion and its not clear yet who is right [I think no one really wants to be right in this case, right?] So why treat one opinion like more or less than the other.

    124. ******** on June 25th, 2005 5:20 am

      People, let me telll you…Paul van der sloot has no connections what so ever! cause he is dutch, the normal aruban doesnt like it when a dutch comes to the islands to work there.

      and for people talkin about carlos and charlies, i go to carlos and charlies all the time. inside its a nice place you can dance etc etc.,, true outside there are some drugdealers standing i would say 2-5. they never offerd me drugs. what i do get all the time is tourists ( young) asking me where they can get drugs ( offcourse i dont tell them). so i guess thats why they are standing outside of carlos and charlies cause the tourist actually buy their drugs there.

    125. ******** on June 25th, 2005 7:14 am

      I read somewhere, that natalee took 10,000 dollars of her credit card two days before she dissapeared, they found half of the money in her purse, in her hotel room. does anyone know if this is true?

    126. Washingtonienne on June 25th, 2005 8:44 am


      Several people have asked my opinion of “the Holloway case.” I don’t have one, at least not where guilt, innocence, or even what happened is concerned. How could I? “American” – there are thirty-four other countries in the hemisphere, you know – news media have turned the incident into the latest scumsucker feast – all heat and no light. I don’t watch or listen (as soon as it comes on, I switch to Galavision, the Mexican channel).

      A fast briefing from a coffee shop friend willing to admit that he watches stupefying trash like this (this is NATIONAL news?) gets me as far as the fact that Natalee Holloway is missing. No body. No evidence. No evidence of “foul play.” There are no suspects (the last people to be seen with a missing person are NOT suspects).

      It does appear that Aruban authorities are beginning to bow to massive pressure from the U.S. and its corrupt media. In this country, of course, it is all-important that someone be arrested, tried. and convicted. “Closure,” it’s called. It is not important that the convicted be the perpetrator of the crime. If someone pays, those clamoring fof “closure.” have their revenge. More than a hundred, twenty five (that we know of – statistical analysis suggests that the number is more like a thousand) innocent men found guilty of rape have been proved innocent by science, but provided necessary “closure” for females and the effeminate society. Everybody was happy.

      So, our pandering media demand an arrest in Aruba, all the while searching for the next scumsucker smorgasbord and serving of grist for pander.

      Meanwhile, real news – news of national impact and importance, that is – is conveniently drowned out. Social Security and the nation’s economy continue their death spiral. Illegal aliens, a huge percentage of them murderous and/or sexual predator criminals, pour across the border not only unimpeded by government, but aided and abetted by capitalists in seach of exploitable labor. The death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan mounts. Young men and women Natalee Holloway’s age lose arms, legs, and their lives daily. The admitted toll (you’ll be able to get it on NPR for a while longer, then it’ll be the foreign media) of our own young men and women has gone past 1700, and the actual toll (that’s including the “private” military – CIA proprietary company) may exceed even that number (the CIA lies, you know).

      People here in the coffee shop say the last people to see a missing person are, indeed, logical suspects. I beg to differ: the last people to seen a missing person are not suspect. That’s a logical absurdity. A few years ago, a man disappeared under circumstances not unlike those here. He was missing for years. No suspects (no one knew who had seen him last – thank god). When a psychic was called in by police, the man and his pickup – also missing – were located at the bottom of a water-filled quarry. Lost on a country road, he had driven over a cliff, fallen into the water, and drowned.

      If someone had been seen with this guy with anyone, and authorities had followed the nitwit procedure demanded by investigative geniuses like Greta Van Susteren, Bill O’Reilly, and the paragon of cool reason and rhetoric Sean Hannity, someone would have gone to jail. Meanwhile, O. J. Simpson and Michael Jackson are innocent. Great system you’ve got here, folks.

      Meanwhile, maybe you ought to leave the Arubans alone?


    127. Leonard on June 25th, 2005 8:47 am

      Lets start off by saying that a person is officially missing after 48 hours!!!!

      The boys were arrested on day one as witness!They were let go for a week by the police authorities because of lack of evidence. The authorities did had a tactic they tapped the phones of the 3 boys and followed them all over for a week without the boys knowing. After a week the authorities arrested the 3 boys as suspects. They had sufficient evidence to have the case rolling.

      The boys declared everything on day one. The police even drove individually with every boy on the route they drove from Carlos n Charlies to the hotel. The police searched for evidence in the car on day one. When they were arrested again this time as suspects the police researched the car again and interrogated the boys constantly AGAIN! It is there where there stories started to contradict each other. And the reasonable suspicion grew further they had something to do with her missing.

      I wish people would get the facts straight. The authorities are handling the case properly and by the laws applicable in the Dutch Kingdom. It is not America and it should not be.

    128. kankergek on June 25th, 2005 8:47 am

      I’m still waiting for a full scale invasion of Aruba :)
      maybe there are weapons of mass destruction also ? :P

    129. k-Thiss on June 25th, 2005 8:50 am

      Must Be a Bush Follower!


    130. k-Thiss on June 25th, 2005 8:54 am

      Well stated Leonard

    131. BhamNativeGirl on June 25th, 2005 9:04 am

      Is anyone out there? Crs? Pktb? Leopard queen?? Jake??

    132. Checkme on June 25th, 2005 9:08 am

      Good morning everybody.

      very sad, good thinking there.

      Ally, Masha Pabien!!! Feliz cumple anos!!! Happy Bday. I know it’s tomorrow but you started celebrating yesterday. Yesterday I was pretty down so I understand you think I should get a sense of humor. But some can attest to the fact that luckilly I do have a lighter side. And about me thinking you hitting on me, lol, I had to laugh yesterday about your fun comments and mine were lighter intended than they sounded.

      Lucy, thanks for understanding.

    133. Checkme on June 25th, 2005 9:26 am


      Very well put, bravo. The situation will prove you right. I am afraid that the Truth will not be channeled through the MM to the American People like the current untruth.

    134. Snippy on June 25th, 2005 9:30 am

      Washingtonienne….great post…Right on about everything… I am interested in this case though because of the Mystery of what happened on that Island to an American…I about gag though when Greta shoves that microphone in someone face and keeps asking the family the same old questions day after day…its like she wants someone to say..”YES, we knows she’s dead” we just want to take her home ….and I wonder where Geraldo is ?? Last seen two week ago on his show telling Beth Twitty he’d help her all he could…and it seems he is missing too…not that I’ll miss him..LOL..

    135. Scott on June 25th, 2005 9:39 am

      I think that the reason this case has such high profile is because the Dutch and Aruban authorities handle thing completely different thanin the US. Neither way is better or worse in my opinion. We in the US live in a society with instant access to information and in very rare cases our authorities withhold information from the media. It is simply just different and some people are having a hard time adjusting to it.

      As NH, I feel that she is dead. I’m sorry that it happened and the polis will get it sorted out. In law enforcement if you rush things mistakes are made. I’m sure that the polis are trying to bring the proper charges so that they are not dropped in the discovery proceeding of the pre-trial.

      To the guy that says the boy should be beaten and murder if and when he comes to school in the US. Your an idiot. Let this thing play out and hope for the best, justice.


    136. Lucy on June 25th, 2005 9:40 am

      Hello to you all.

      Checkme, hope you are feeling better. See? You are not alone, they are thinking of you in Washington.

    137. Snippy on June 25th, 2005 9:47 am

      Kanker..Had to laugh at your post…even though the situation in Aruba isn’t funny but the crack about WMD is…maybe thats where they are after all..IN ARUBA !!

    138. Michael in Florida on June 25th, 2005 9:58 am


      They were released because they pointed their dirty little fingers at ‘innocent’ men.

      They then learned they were lied to by the 3 guys as their stories didn’t add up.

      If your an American hater have the balls to admit it.


      Let this be a sad lesson, this can happen to you and your family.

      You leave this country, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.

    139. Snippy on June 25th, 2005 10:00 am

      Scott…I don’t know…..I wish it was because of the differences in the American Way and The Aruban Way but I don’t think so..I think its about THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE MISSING that get coverage.. have you ever noticed that these cases that do get high coverage are always about Missing young BEAUTIFUL women…? Not an ugly in the group…ones I can think of off hand, Chandra Levy,Dru Sjogren,Elizabeth Smart….I know there is more just can’t think of them…all Beautiful…

    140. Florida Boy on June 25th, 2005 10:05 am

      I appreciate the creative theories leading some to conclude that JVDS and his bunch are innocent, but to believe that, you must have concluded that the lies told by the boys were media contrived and never happened. Moreover, you must believe that the Aruban authorities have NO evidence against the current suspects.

      If yu believe the above, you probably are the type that will seize upon conspiracy theories of all types, which is certainly okay, but it tends to defy logic (although it is more entertaining and intriguing to think that way).

      The facts are that a young girl is gone and a family is suffering. The most logical conclusion is that she was a crime victim. There is more evidence to support that then theories of her being depressed, pregnant, suicidal or desirous of running away. Justice will prevail but until then, lets not pretend that there is no evidence of the suspects’ guilt.

    141. Boger on June 25th, 2005 10:06 am

      Mr. Scott. greetings. I note that you have addressed a note from an individual regarding Mr. Van Der Sloot comming to the United States and therefore should be beaten up. Well I might say that I can’ really disagree, however this activity is not condoned, but, I would have to say that in my humble opinion that Mr. Van Der Sloot and his crew needs to just fess up and get the details out in the open. They are causing way too much pain to way too many people and wasting huge money and time.

      I personally believe that this twisted little Mother F@!#$@ Van Der sloot and his crew of 2 accomplices took Natalee out for a ride, possiably drugged her with a date rape drug, raped her, she resisted or stated that she was going to report this incident, therefore they in short killed her, called Mr. Van Der Sloot, and Mr. Croes relocated the body and disposed of the body.

      Either that or they called upon one of their friends and had her shipped off for trade or credit for drug funds owed, to somewhere like Venesuela or Columbia for the slave market. This being the most undesireable in my opinion.

      In any event these three or 5 clowns have the answers, this is clear. they shoud be creatively interogated, :- ) or they should undergo some chemical or hypnotic phase to get the truth out in the open. ( electronic shock theropy works well ) There are entirely too many people hurting over this incident and Natalee being the first and foremost, then her family then the rest of us who are deeply concerned. If these clowns do not surrender the truth in full and wait for the time to run out so they can be released, I don’t think it would be wise for any of them to come to the United States Mainland and let anyone know who they are. I belive that some seriously undesireable situations could take place, and I think well desirved.

      Aruba is a nice island and I have been there many times in the past however I will NOT go back in spite of how this situation turns out. This whole situation is ugly and unnecessary. The Aruban authorities can do a bit more in my humble opinion, they could let the FBI from day one be a little more than just spectators, Too much time wasted, I hope that if the body or remains are found that they hang these 5 guilty parties from the highest yard arm. In any event one day it will be payday for them who ever the guilty parties are.

    142. Florida Boy on June 25th, 2005 10:08 am

      Snip, this is not about beauty. However, NH’s family has gone to great lengths to keep this case on the front page. This case is high profile because of a family’s determination.

    143. ******** on June 25th, 2005 10:13 am

      Washingtonienne-!!! well said!

    144. Lucy on June 25th, 2005 10:14 am

      Checkme, crs, Ally, Kristin, if you show up today, Yliana, Bham and all posters. Happy Saturday and will talk to you tomorrow.

      Ally, Happy Birthday.

      Subdude, watch out for the Mamasitas, Mamasotas y Mamotas, they are wating for your compliments …

    145. Boger on June 25th, 2005 10:14 am

      By the way I have seen that the State Department in the United States said that these individuals are not above the law and are indictable under George Bushes ” War on Terror” I found this very interesting and i think this is an avenue that should be traveled. Heh Heh!! The game has only begun. Sadly it may have cost or did cost the life of Natalee Holloway, either by death or by sale or trade for slavery. If the later the 5 individuals need to be sold to the same slavery, or………..terminated.

    146. Scott on June 25th, 2005 10:15 am

      Snippy, you are right about who the media and public supports to make the news. It is sad. More people go missing everyday that never get sight beyond their local news paper. I wish I had a solution, but I don’t. I think if people were more resposible and exercised common sense we would have fewer and fewer instances. For example I have two small childeren (1 and 6). I never let my oldest out of the yard unless I with him. The people across the street broom their children out to the porch at 9am and tell them ‘if you come home, you stay home’. They are 4 and 5 and they run the street until 9pm. THAT IS THE REASON why people (children) get abducted.

      Is NH more important than the other missing person cases around the world? No. But to her parents she understandably is. Getting back to your point, when it comes to media it is about the ratings. But the media doesn’t dictate society and culture, we do and if you feel that more cases of this nature need to be covered you need to start contacting your local and national media and demand that fair attention is spent to all the important people that have gone missing.


    147. Snippy on June 25th, 2005 10:17 am

      Boger..I agree with with this part of your post… personally believe that this twisted little Mother F@!#$@ Van Der sloot and his crew of 2 accomplices took Natalee out for a ride, possibly drugged her with a date rape drug, raped her, she resisted or stated that she was going to report this incident, therefore they in short killed her, called Mr. Van Der Sloot, and Mr. Croes relocated the body and disposed of the body.

      I think its the only logical theory and why they have arrested and kept the four..and now have found evidence that Dad Sloot helped them out..maybe the forensic evidence from one of the Sloots vehicles have come back that they finally took into custody a week or so ago to prove Natalie may have been in the trunk of the car or whatever? Or, maybe Greta when she invaded the Sloots home and interviewed Mom & Dad Sloot planted a bug…??

    148. I-Yell-Chris-In-Hallways on June 25th, 2005 10:17 am

      Hey. How is Natalee case going? What new?

    149. Scott on June 25th, 2005 10:23 am

      Boger I understand yours and others anger in this case but I feel that commiting a crime as an answer to another crime is pointless. I read in another thread where a member speculated and hoped that the boy was raped in prision, why? Why would any one wish rape upon anyone for any reason? Let this play out, when verdict comes down in the next year or so then cast the first stone.



    150. PA MOM on June 25th, 2005 10:32 am

      Florida Boy – you are correct – this continues to be big news because Natalee’s parents keep it big news. They are smart in knowing that if they continue to keep it in the public eye, they continue the investigation at full force. I would do the same thing if it were my child.

    151. Spanishteacher on June 25th, 2005 10:33 am

      Lucy – Just thought you and the others that have had difficulty spelling that word, it’s ‘mamacita’ not ‘mamasita’. ‘Ita’ or ‘cita’ on the end of a word turns it into a term of endearment or a pejorative depending on the speaker’s intent. Literally it means “little mama”.

    152. Boger on June 25th, 2005 10:35 am

      Snippy…..greetings. I have to say that most of my coments are rather harsh when re reading them however since I am a parentof 5 children ( all grown and gone ) and a grand parent of 13 soon to be 14 ( they gotta figure out what causes this ) this situation is one that has always been and is todate one of my worst nightmares. While my oldest daughter was at one time about 12 years ago, in with the WRONG crowd and was “Slipped a Mickey” just so a 19 year old could get into her pants and she was 15 at the time, I can understand and have a personal experience with this situation. This scum still walks the earth unfortunately.

      I hope that this situation regarding Natalee will soon be over, and if deceased I hope evidence is discovered and the guilty pays a severe penalty. I have no mercy for a male who will cause harm to a female knowingly, willingly, and intentionally.

      The boy was 17 she was 18 and beautiful and very intelligent and trusting, that was her downfall. The boy interested in one thing like all boys, a little action, it got wild most likely and she perished. No mercy take them in the town square make everyone watch , televise the incident and execute them. Send a message. We’re not going to tollerate this type of situation again.

    153. Boger on June 25th, 2005 10:41 am

      Scott…. Obviously you take a serious liberal stance. No problem. I understand your view point and DISAGREE STRONGLY!! If one kills another in self defense this is a killing, there is a difference be/t a killing and MURDER. If one is MURDERED then the murder should be disposed of in the like manner. If not then we are sending a message ( like we have in the states unfortunately ) that this activity is undesireable and unwanted but acceptable so you stay in prison. BULLBUTTER !!

      If one Murders someone, its clear, eliminate them NOW. Do not make the rest of society pay for their existance. As far as Mr. Van Der Sloot being raped in prison? Really who cares? Until he talks and exposes the truth I don’t care what happens to him. Hopefully a situation will take place with him that will make him see the light. His problem he created this situation, he needs to rectify the situation. Clearly.

    154. I-Yell-Chris-In-Hallways on June 25th, 2005 10:44 am

      Boger, i understand concept. “eye for an eye”.
      now with the use of dna testing, we can safetly kill these menacess to our society with little guilts

    155. God save Natalee on June 25th, 2005 10:46 am

      For those of you who do not think Natalee was a victim of faul play then don’t waste your time here. Buy a ticket to Aruba, take a bus ride to C & C and find a Van der Sloot to date. Hopefully you too can experience what Natalee has experienced.

      The rest of us give a Damn about Natalee Holloway and will focus our prayers and concerns for Natalee and her family. But we also will help in anyway we can here to see the guilty parties to Natalee’s dissapperance are brought to justice. Appartently the Aruba Authorities agree.

    156. Snippy on June 25th, 2005 10:48 am

      Boger…I do understand your comments..Some of them ..LOL.I was a single Mother for 15 years after a divorce and raised 3 kids….managed to get them through all those scary year without any incidents(THANK GOD)now, I’m a Grandmother to 8..I still worry and stew about all of them…

      I know my comments about the Beautiful Girls may have upset some..I’m sorry..but, I wonder if any POOR kid was on that trip? Would his or her parents have the means to go to ARUBA and stay like the Twitty’s and Holloway’s have..and all their friends? I’m glad they have the means to do this for their daughter..but, you just wonder if this would have had the Media’s attention if it was some poor kid

    157. God save Natalee on June 25th, 2005 10:55 am


      The question you should be asking yourself is “If you where the mother of a poor kid who dissapeared in Aruba would you have the same guts to bring down the fire of damnation on those responsible like Twitty has”?

    158. Snippy on June 25th, 2005 10:56 am

      Before I get attacked or someone says a poor kid wouldn’t be on the trip..My daughters had part time jobs and saved their money to go to Hawaii after they graduated…so, I’m thinking some kid on that trip may have done the same…I know I wouldn’t have been able to send them

    159. Boger on June 25th, 2005 10:56 am

      God Save Natalee Says:

      THANK YOU FOR YOUR POSTING! Very well said. It is obvious that there is foul play surrounding Natalees disappearance. If not then why are the 5 idiots in jail not talking? What are they trying to cover up? They are trying to watch each others back this is clear, something they are trying to hide and this is unacceptable.

      In todays society there is no room for this type of activity. Black is black and white is white, there is NO grey. If these guys were innocent then by now proof would have been shown to release them. That hasn’t happened. They all know something. This is clear. Electro shock might be an answer, I only hope that Natalees remains will be found if she is deceased. I pray that she is not dead. But then again if alive and in a slave situation, she might wish she was dead. This thought pisses me off. I only hope and pray she is not suffering or did not suffer.

      Frankly I am very interested to see what would happen if Mr. Van Der Sloot would come stateside. I bet once here and it is discovered as to who he is, the games might very well begin. I can see it now, some of the good ole boys acquire him and get to have a little party ……….only to discover the truth. I don’t think it would be recomended for him to come to the mainland to go to school, it could be ugly.

      Face it he screwed up /////not only his life but it has involved nearly everyone world wide, this is unacceptable.

    160. Boger on June 25th, 2005 11:03 am

      God Save Natalee Says……to answer your question even though it wasn’t directed towards me. Yes I for one would have the guts and the drive, motivation etc, to discover the truth, Bringing down damnation upon whom ever is the guilty parties. It’;s time for this crap to stop. our youth must be protected from the scum, and the scum must be eliminated. Plain and simple.

      I belive that many would do what they could. However currency limits some unfortunately. Mr. Twitty is well backed, as Mr. Holloway, but the main driving force is for the love of their daghter, willing to walk to the end of the earth to find her or to discover the truth. Only if others would share this love for thier sons / daughters and would show this much concern, things might change. (possiably?)

    161. God save Natalee on June 25th, 2005 11:10 am


      Now your talking! Who really loves their children that much? Unfortunately not as many as there are parents.

    162. edward on June 25th, 2005 11:15 am

      It’s just so amazing when female tourist go missing in these Islands.
      They completely vanish without a trace. The Island authorities never seem
      to beable to solve any of these case’s.

      Natalee disappeared in less then 5 hours, without a trace and
      no one saw or heard anything. I think any clues that were brought
      to the Arubans Police attention, were just sweep under the rug.

      If not for Beth Holloway there would be absolutely no case at all.

    163. marie from maine on June 25th, 2005 11:24 am

      amen edward

    164. illichk on June 25th, 2005 11:32 am

      Can everybody who REALLY care about Nathalee pls. raise your hands?

    165. I-Yell-Chris-In-Hallways on June 25th, 2005 11:32 am

      I think most people love their kids much. but Not all can aford to search for kids this long. God Bless the Natalee’s family as they care so much

    166. illichk on June 25th, 2005 11:35 am

      Can you tell me now, if you’re not directly involved (say like family, friends etc.) why care more about Natalee than all other missing persons?

    167. I-Yell-Chris-In-Hallways on June 25th, 2005 11:36 am

      Every1 on this panel care for Natalee though none “know” her in a personal ssense. Each who have daughter care for her. This horror culd happen to any person!

    168. I-Yell-Chris-In-Hallways on June 25th, 2005 11:37 am

      Illichk you obvious to me that you do NOT HAVE ANY KIDS

    169. illichk on June 25th, 2005 11:41 am

      I DO have a daughter. Still Natalee is not the only daughter missing (let’s keep it simple) in the US. What’s the difference from these others?

    170. I-Yell-Chris-In-Hallways on June 25th, 2005 11:43 am

      Becausee Nat went on trip ..She supposed to COME BACK safe & sound. The mystery of it hurt & confuse everybody who read about it

    171. illichk on June 25th, 2005 11:45 am

      Is it merely possible that some people are more intriged by the mistery than they REALLY do care about Natalee?

    172. Loving parents on June 25th, 2005 11:54 am

      God Save Natalee – Some of us love our children enough to not let them go on an unchaperoned trip to a land of legalized prostitution, gambling, underage-drinking and easy drugs. While I admire Mrs Holloway Twitty’s devotion to rescuing her daughter, it is sad that it had to come to this when a little prevention would have avoided it all. Her efforts are heroic, but one must not lose sight of the fact that she has the MEANS to go to Aruba as well as the CONNECTIONS with the media to keep them hounding at the Aruban authorities. You should not imply that parents who do not enjoy such a priviliedged status have not wanted to rescue their missing daughters or sons just as much. However, the FBI, the American embassies, the press didn’t rally behind them.

    173. illichk on June 25th, 2005 11:55 am

      What’s happening to the Holloway family is the most horrible nightmare is anyone can imagine.
      Still I really cannot understand for the people who aren’t directly involved why this case should be treated any diiferent from any other missing person case.
      Pls. someone explain!!

    174. brenda on June 25th, 2005 12:00 pm

      they are concentrating on these 5 in custody. has any other theory been worked on? my guess is we are being pulled in a different direction doors are closed to other possibility’s it’s getting late NATALEE is still missing. THE 5 are in custody great keep them there intill NATALEE is located. BUT don’t just work on prosecution they have them locked up but the main goal is to find NATALEE ISN’T IT. energy should be to find her (kick but) later but find her NOW! ARUBA

    175. scaredshitless on June 25th, 2005 12:00 pm

      I have a teen son and a teen daughter. Therefore I can relate to Joran’s parents AND I can relate to Natalee’s parents. The whole mystery of what happened here is intriguing and the sorrow of the mom is so heart wrenching.

    176. scaredshitless on June 25th, 2005 12:02 pm

      Everyone here is frustrated that there are STILL NO ANSWERS! Illick, if you can’t understand why people are “into” this case, go find another forum. I don’t believe you have a kid. You sound heartless

    177. illichk on June 25th, 2005 12:05 pm

      Scared, can I assume that for you it’s more about the intuiging mystery and the mom’s sorrow, than about Natalee?
      I would appreciate if you would be frank with yourself about this

    178. CaveCricket on June 25th, 2005 12:08 pm


      For me the reason behind the obsession: I have never left the good ol’ USA and it boggles my mind how botched the system seems over there.

      If I seem out of line by calling the system botched I apologize. I really hope that authorities are telling the families something about their findings. red tape be damned

      if I were BH I would have gone postal already.
      I am also hooked to see justice be served, ( ” whatever the hell justice might be in Aruba” )

      Hopefully Aruba and its potential criminals will learn a valuable lesson from all this .

      As far as the “well being” of tourism ? sorry to sound like a jerk but i could give a flying yahoo

      I hope they can at least give their daughter a proper burial.

      And with all that being said, My heart aches for the family and friends of NH and also for all others who have had someone dissapear . to me there is nothing worse.

    179. scaredshitless on June 25th, 2005 12:09 pm

      Isn’t the mom’s sorrow what it’s all about? If Natalee is dead, Natalee is now out of this world. I hope and pray for a CONCLUSION to this for the parents’ sakes. I can TELL YOU ARE NOT ANYONE”S PARENT SO GET OFF THIS FORUM

    180. scaredshitless on June 25th, 2005 12:10 pm

      that last post of mine was for the MORON named Ilchk (“Ill Chick”)

    181. illichk on June 25th, 2005 12:13 pm

      At least Cave was honest saying this is an obsession

    182. scaredshitless on June 25th, 2005 12:13 pm


    183. illichk on June 25th, 2005 12:16 pm

      Scared, if REALLY feel for Natalee’s mom, do you care as much for Amy Bradley’s mom or any other missing persons’ moms?
      Actually I don’t need an answer from you, as obviously you are not able to have a rational discussion, hence you want me off this forum and with wordpuzzle.

    184. CaveCricket on June 25th, 2005 12:20 pm

      illichk Says:

      June 25th, 2005 at 11:32 am
      Can everybody who REALLY care about Nathalee pls. raise your hands?

      illichk Says:

      June 25th, 2005 at 11:35 am
      Can you tell me now, if you’re not directly involved (say like family, friends etc.) why care more about Natalee than all other missing persons?

      illichk Says:

      June 25th, 2005 at 12:05 pm
      Scared, can I assume that for you it’s more about the intuiging mystery and the mom’s sorrow, than about Natalee?
      I would appreciate if you would be frank with yourself about this

      illichk Says:

      June 25th, 2005 at 11:45 am
      Is it merely possible that some people are more intriged by the mistery than they REALLY do care about Natalee?






    185. illichk on June 25th, 2005 12:27 pm

      I won’t waste my time with you two airheads any longer, I’ll come back later when civilized bloggers are online….

    186. Curaçao on June 25th, 2005 12:29 pm

      hm.. now you are fighting each other on the forum… I read (almost) everyday to see if something new happens to this case, it is just disturbing, and as I have stated before, so Unbelievable that the autorities could not crack these kids……that’s it.
      I was hoping that Natalee is alive somewhere, but as the days pass by……..

    187. Aenim on June 25th, 2005 12:35 pm

      Curacao, bo tey?

    188. Curaçao on June 25th, 2005 12:35 pm

      yes mi tei

    189. scaredshitless on June 25th, 2005 12:36 pm

      FYI Illichk, I knew about the Amy Bradley case YEARS ago when It was featured On the TV SHOW “Unsolved Mysteries” and that case ALSO broke my heart!
      However in 2000, there was no blog site to go on!!!! NOW THER E IS

    190. Aenim on June 25th, 2005 12:37 pm

      kiko bo ta pensa riba e ultimo postings nan?

    191. Curaçao on June 25th, 2005 12:38 pm

      Gewoonweg diep-triest..

    192. Aenim on June 25th, 2005 12:39 pm

      of no…

    193. Aenim on June 25th, 2005 12:40 pm

      anyway, I’m in the middle of this (litterally) and have no new info….

    194. CaveCricket on June 25th, 2005 12:41 pm

      FYI i have had the AmberAlert banner on my computer for quite some time now ( before NH ) and i donate whenever possible……you never know what any person has encountered in their life so dont jump on people and claim they “dont care” that is just plain rude

      It is so unfortunate that people cant have civilized debates…..

    195. Curaçao on June 25th, 2005 12:42 pm

      You’re from Aruba Aenim???

    196. Curaçao on June 25th, 2005 12:43 pm

      Over here it’s like, everybody’s is talking about this every day, everwhere you turns, and it’s like, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED, IS SHE ALIVE OR WHAT? and why the hell aren’t these boys saying ANYTHING!! Are they covering up something bigger then we can asume or what??

    197. Aenim on June 25th, 2005 12:44 pm

      Yes, 5 min from Holiday Inn/ Marroitt, 5 min from Joran’s home AND jail and I grew up in the neighborhood where the Kaploe’s live…..

    198. scaredshitless on June 25th, 2005 12:45 pm

      cave cricket: The Illchk kept wondering WHY the interest in Natalee and not in other missing girls?!!!! Doesnt’ she know MOST people ARE interested in EVERY missing kid/teen. It’s just that THIS ONE HAS A BLOG SITE

    199. Curaçao on June 25th, 2005 12:46 pm

      You know this kids personally?

    200. Curaçao on June 25th, 2005 12:47 pm


    201. Aenim on June 25th, 2005 12:47 pm

      Gladly no….

    202. Aenim on June 25th, 2005 12:49 pm

      If there’s a cover up, than it’s between the suspects, I wouldn’t go any further than that.

    203. Curaçao on June 25th, 2005 12:50 pm

      hm.. oke… i went to Aruba last year, had a blast of a time (not drinking) but just travelling on a bike, and I was/am planning to visit Aruba in Juli/August again.

    204. Curaçao on June 25th, 2005 12:53 pm

      I still think Aruba is a beautiful place, and something like that could have happened here also…

    205. scaredshitless on June 25th, 2005 12:56 pm

      if this case is solved, most Americans will forgive Aruba of this crime. But if they cover it up and dont solve it, then Aruba will fold due to lack of tourists

    206. Aenim on June 25th, 2005 12:56 pm

      Alright, you’re welcome…As I noticed yesterday when I was driving around the island during the day, everything is business as usual. That is tourists (mostly Americans) everywhere, young and old, having the time of their lives.
      The only difference I noticed, which is a positive one, is that everybody seems even more friendly to each other (Arubians and tourists alike). I think that’s because this whole case has put an enormous pressure on every party in the case. I think people are awakened and realize that hurt is just not the way to go…

    207. CaveCricket on June 25th, 2005 12:56 pm

      scaredshitless Says:

      June 25th, 2005 at 12:45 pm
      cave cricket: The Illchk kept wondering WHY the interest in Natalee and not in other missing girls?!!!! Doesnt’ she know MOST people ARE interested in EVERY missing kid/teen. It’s just that THIS ONE HAS A BLOG SITE

      I know , she really pissed me off. we shouldnt have to prove anything we are not on trial here. I beleive that anyone who takes the time to follow the case and debate on blogs does care and the fact that she had the nerve to question that really went up my a#@

      I do try to bounce into the center for exploited and missing children as often as possible, you never know when and where someone might turn up.

      i beleive that you genuinly care for the return of NH and the resolution for the family and friends. so to hell with illchk and her bogus accusations, she should join the polis


    208. scaredshitless on June 25th, 2005 12:58 pm

      my friend at work and I are CONSTANTLY on the missing kids sites…we drive each other nuts with our worry and fretting. And The AMY BRADLEY case has bothered me for YEARS

    209. scaredshitless on June 25th, 2005 1:00 pm

      Cave cricket…I am from NJ, married, the mother of 2 teens. Are you Italian?

    210. Curaçao on June 25th, 2005 1:03 pm

      Why would you think (scaredshitless) that Aruba will want to cover up a crime?? WHY would you think that? dont you think that they have got enough pressure of the media and the families of both parties enough on them?

    211. scaredshitless on June 25th, 2005 1:05 pm

      I think the anti-American sentiment in the world is high. I think people are MEAN enough to take out that anti-American sentiment on a poor young American girl who doesn’t deserve what happened to her. My husband’s cousins are from Norway & even the Norwegians are pissed at Bush & take it out on HIM

    212. tideroller on June 25th, 2005 1:25 pm

      Curacao – The cover-up is because Daddy of the Ditch is/ was part of the judicial class. That translates into he has buddies who will help him out. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. They thought this thing would “stay in Aruba”. They had not counted on having to contend with a steel magnolia the likes of Beth Holloway. However, for all of her FBI and FOXNews connections, she still doesn’t have her daughter. The authorities just learned that they have to tone down their cover-up tactics and do a better job of concealing it. But don’t delude yourself – they are still covering up.

    213. Kristin on June 25th, 2005 1:44 pm

      God bless you Natalee, where ever you are :(

    214. scaredshitless on June 25th, 2005 1:45 pm

      I hope she’s not suffering and her mom gets closure soon so she can end this nightmare. But I think when the mom returns to Alabama & sees the daughter’s empty bedroom, she will have pain all over again

    215. CaveCricket on June 25th, 2005 1:47 pm

      Scared: I am not Italian but I love chicken parm
      I am actually Irish
      24yrs / No kids but my godchild i would dodge a bullet for
      engaged to a guitarist
      from Rhode Island


      peace love and pancakes

    216. scaredshitless on June 25th, 2005 1:52 pm

      Cave: I am a WASP…my ancestors settled in NJ (Some of them!) in 1692 (Bergen County). I live in central Jersey.

    217. CaveCricket on June 25th, 2005 1:53 pm

      I hope and pray for NH’s safe return , but if she has left this world i hope her body will be recovered.

    218. scaredshitless on June 25th, 2005 1:55 pm


    219. Curaçao on June 25th, 2005 2:14 pm

      As I understand if they dont find the body, no-one confess, then this will remain a mystery forever………..( I really dont hope so)

    220. Maya99 on June 25th, 2005 2:55 pm

      Kristen: I tried to e-mail you back the other day bt my mail coldn’t be delivered to your address.

      Does anyone know if the suspects are in the courthouse for today’s hearing?

    221. Maya99 on June 25th, 2005 3:00 pm

      This is my first post o my first blog. Would someone please tell me if there is a way to not go back to the beginning of thread after posting a message? Thanks??

      Simian, Check Me,k crs, jake, pk??? Are you out there?

    222. Sad in Mt. Brook on June 25th, 2005 3:08 pm

      My 18-year old went on this trip, and I have wondered from the get-go how it was possible for a 17-year old to so completely and thoroughly dispose of a body if an accident or murder happened in the early morning hours. Has anybody thought about the fact that sun-up happens in Aruba so early? At most, there would have been only an hour or two of darkness to get this done. So, in a way, I’m not surprised that a father was probably called on to help. I hope and pray that murder was not the answer for these brutes. I hope they plotted a way to get her off the island and she’s still alive somewhere, although, after all this publicity, it’s doubtful. This is the worst thing in the world; it’s killing the spirit of our kids and their families. We need resolution.

      By the way…what makes these kids so exceptional is they have, for the most part, been raised to be cognizant of “giving back” to the community. A large percentage of the senior class that went on this trip performed at least 80 or more service hours in the communities surrounding Mountain Brook during their senior year, plus many more hours in their 9th, 10th, and 11th grades. For the most part, they are a well-rounded good group of kids…not slaggards, drug addicts, dope dealers, or sexaholics. Not perfect, but pretty good kids as things go nowadays. That’s one reason why this whole thing is so amazing; murder and kidnapping has not been part of their world.

    223. scaredshitless on June 25th, 2005 3:21 pm

      Dear SAD: your poor community!

    224. Scott on June 25th, 2005 4:57 pm

      Boger Says:
      Scott…. Obviously you take a serious liberal stance. No problem. I understand your view point and DISAGREE STRONGLY!!

      Scott Says:
      Actually I’m pretty unsure of my political stance. These last few years has moved me from being a registered republican (but not to dem). Moderate is over used, so I don’t know how to qualify that. :)

      Boger Says:
      If one kills another in self defense this is a killing, there is a difference be/t a killing and MURDER. If one is MURDERED then the murder should be disposed of in the like manner.

      Scott Says:
      If someone kills in self-defense it is either simply self-defense or man slaughter (depending on the varibles of the situation).

      I think you misunderstood me a bit here. What I am saying is that it is not okay to have the vigilante or mob mentality in terms of dealing with (suspected) criminals on your own terms or in your own hands as a private citizen. It would be counter productive to law enforcement all around.

      I do believe in captial punishment for premeditated murders or exceptional cases of 2nd degree murder (multiple victims, children, etc…)

      Boger Says:
      If not then we are sending a message ( like we have in the states unfortunately ) that this activity is undesireable and unwanted but acceptable so you stay in prison. BULLBUTTER !!

      If one Murders someone, its clear, eliminate them NOW. Do not make the rest of society pay for their existance.

      Scott Says:
      I don’t agree, that is a very all or nothing interpretation of the law and how to deal with persons involved in murder cases where they are found guilty. By saying ‘eliminate them now’ does that mean before or after a trial? (I assume the later.)

      The last bit about society paying for their existance, that is not entirely true. There is a welfare fund that pays for most expenses in a prision setting that an inmate earns working for next to nothing. Prisions also are little (for the most part) self sufficiant communities that create their own supplies. From my understanding taxation pays for walls, bars, guards. (Note: I have never been to prision, I have just read a bit about it)

      Boger Says:
      As far as Mr. Van Der Sloot being raped in prison? Really who cares? Until he talks and exposes the truth I don’t care what happens to him.

      Scott Says:
      This Joran guy, to me – my gut, is guilty 99%… But there is 1% that is saying maybe it wasn’t intentional. Remember in the hierarchy of the legal system the police, polis, policia, etc do not determine guilt. They gather facts and present them to a judge or grand jury for Inditement. It the judge (aruba) jury (US) to determine guilt. I digress though, the guy is guilty IMO. I just don’t think that rape is a fitting punishment especially for someone not charged yet.

      Boger Says:
      Hopefully a situation will take place with him that will make him see the light. His problem he created this situation, he needs to rectify the situation. Clearly.

      Scott Says:
      I agree.

      Thanks and Respectfully!


    225. Kristin on June 25th, 2005 5:10 pm

      I feel so bad for her family and her friends. I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face because how much this saddens me. I’m 34 years old and while not a parent, the thought of bringing one into this would terrifies me because of all the evil that is so rampant. I cannot even begin to imagine what goes on inside the heads of anyone that could take the life of an innocent young woman who had the potential of helping others as a doctor. It seems that all I ever see or hear on the news anymore are horrible crimes being commited against children. While Natalee may have be18, she is still a child in so many ways. I pray to God that she just wanted to get away for a while…it is a slim possibility, but it does happen. I am guilty of that very thing myself having vanished from my family for 10 years. I am still trying to heal the wounds that I inflicted upon my family.

      If you are out there somewhere Natalee, please just let your family know you are ok. I can never forgive myself for allowing my family to suffer as they did.

      God bless you all.

    226. LouLou on June 25th, 2005 7:19 pm

      Sad in Mt. Brook

      I posted the problem of the early morning sunlight a few days ago. These are the shortest days of the year. You need to go 5 miles out to get a body into the currents. If it was already 3:30, they would have only an hour before they would be coming back to shore in the daylight. Too many people around that might see and wonder.

      This makes it less likely that she has been in the sea all this time.

    227. Out of control on June 25th, 2005 7:29 pm

      Talk about being convicted by the media, damn you guys don’t even know if they have evidence against anyone. They held security gaurds with alibis for days. Sicko

    228. Kenny on June 25th, 2005 8:43 pm

      This story is of one sick puppy down there in A-ruba.

    229. eslia on June 28th, 2005 12:37 am

      While everyone is carrying on and on about the boys and death to Joran….anyone ever stopped to think that after all he and the others just might be telling the truth? Everyone wants to punish him but God and the Justice system will take care of that if he did commit a crime. We don’t know the “real” story all we are hearing is all the bias journalists comments. Everyone is carrying on about Aruba’s justice system…look what happened after 3 decades, only now BTK will be punished. Shame on you guys for condemning Joran without evidence! Look for all the criminals in cold cases in u.s.a and bring them to justice….if you are really objective, you will realise that america is almost as bad as aruba! I am not saying to turn a blind eye to the the suspects and the case for I would love to see the family get some answers about Natalie or get her back safely but let the Arubian police do their work! In that way at the end of the case there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind what happened to Nathalie!

    230. Bob on July 2nd, 2005 9:08 pm

      Isn’t it very possible that Natalie was under the influence of not only liquor but drugs and possibly fell or wandered into the ocean and drowned? I seem to recall reading that one witness said both Natalie and Van Der Sloot had been drinking and that Natalie had taken some substance. Also, can you imagine the fright those boys felt/are feeling since they were the last to see her alive? If they’re innocent, I’m sure they are frightened out of their minds.

    231. patricia suhr on July 4th, 2005 8:13 am

      Is it not possible Natalie could have been taken off the island of Aruba? I have had that thought all along. Could that have happened? Could she have been taken out on a boat or possibly wisked away from the island entirely. I know they cannot search the world but they might be able to find out if any boats left the island that night, whose they were etc. Just a thought. I wish they could find something.

    232. Amy on July 5th, 2005 4:13 pm

      Why were these kids out drinking and partying like that if is was supposed to be well chaperoned. I have traveled all over the world and I know her mother said she is well traveled and sophisticated, we if this were true, why the heck would she take off with 3 locals whom she did not know, and why did her friends let her get that wasted in the first place. I hope that Nathalie is safe somewhere, and I think if they havent found a body by now, they probably wont.

    233. Susan McKee on July 6th, 2005 1:31 am

      The above questions have numerous possibilities, but the fact that her friends were not with her, at least could suggest that a date rape drug was involved, and that her exit with the boys was pre-planned.
      I’m very curious as to why the Kalpoe brothers were not charged with Obstruction of Justice. Because all three boys lied about dropping her at the Hotel and a Black Security Guard approaching her, the time sensitive forensic evidence was gathered from the home, car and body of security guards. By the time the other story came forth, their was no hope of meaningful, physical “evidence gathering” from them. Their lies certainly obstructed justice!
      Had they been charged, they would remain on the island, and finally investigators would have something to leverage their whole story from them.

    234. Derp on July 6th, 2005 10:33 am

      I think i heard that obstructing justice wasnt a crime in Aruba, Or there wasnt a law against it.

    235. Rockwell Herman on July 8th, 2005 4:48 pm

      I think the arubans are a bunch of dumb morons and i’d like to go over there in kick the government in the teeth to wise them up.

    236. Mohammed yasir on July 11th, 2005 12:19 pm


    237. arlene on July 18th, 2005 7:46 am

      can)t believe its taking so heart goes out to parents.I had a brother murdred 50 years ago.would love to have peace of mind knowing some one didn)t get away with love and prayers go to family.God bless.

    238. karen on July 27th, 2005 5:39 pm

      watching the news and watching them drain the lake. Sure hope the family gets some kind of word . Must be so hard for them. My heart and prayers go out to them

    239. Sandy Ludvik on August 17th, 2005 2:24 pm

      All of us should make sure that no one – NO ONE – goes to Aruba for vacationing until the Natalee mystery is solved! Maybe if no $$$$$ goes to Aruba the “authorities” will get busy and solve this terrible crime.

      What do you all think?

    240. The people from Curacao on August 29th, 2005 9:36 am

      To Sandy Ludvik,
      Do you know how many peolple are disappearing in the USA.
      Or all over the world.

      If you think like that, Im very sorry for you that you have to stay home, and get old.
      Be realistic

    241. tonya on September 20th, 2005 4:45 pm

      why have we not heard anything about natalee. people still want to know about her and what is going on.

    242. JIm Landonn on October 14th, 2005 11:16 pm

      I for 1 will not take trip to Aruba ever again (have been three times in 10 years) unless this young girl is found… these boys have the answer I believe.

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