Scared Monkeys on CNN’s Inside the Blogs


We had the great opportunity to be on CNN’s Inside The Blogs today.

Abbi Tatton was a wonderful producer to work with. Thanks for helping Natalee’s story stay in the news.

The Political Teen was kind enough to record it.


We also did a news segment with Mel Jenkins on the Andy Thomas Show.

Again, here is the audio from the show courtesy of Ian at the Political Teen.


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    17 Responses to “Scared Monkeys on CNN’s Inside the Blogs”

    1. Saussay on June 23rd, 2005 6:13 pm

      Where did everyone go?????

    2. Dman on June 23rd, 2005 6:22 pm

      I do not know maybe the site overloaded on the other thread. It may p/u here shortly.

    3. Saussay on June 23rd, 2005 6:23 pm

      Thanks, I left work and got home to see the last message when I left

    4. Dman on June 23rd, 2005 6:31 pm

      I think the arrest of Joran’s father has locked up what was the main thread…I think the # of folks trying to get in will have to go down before it reopens.

    5. born 2 be wild on June 23rd, 2005 6:37 pm

      that CNN video report was excellent.

      Kudos to Tom and Red for this blog.

      According to the CNN story there was (is?) a meltdown on the blogs due to some 52,000 hits.

      I noticed that the boards froze up earlier.

      Any updates on this situation?

    6. observer on June 23rd, 2005 6:44 pm

      Where are all the locals and Joran family supporters gone? What do you have to say? Was dad Vandersloot arrested merely to fool the real kidnappers?

      HOORAY for the american media. The Aruban authorities initially tried to blame it on the black security guards but the media caught on and forced the police to do their job right.

      Where are the defenders of the kidnapping theory and Joran now?

    7. born 2 be wild on June 23rd, 2005 6:55 pm

      observer: I think the rest of this site has overloaded for now.

      Red or Tom:

      can you explain what is going on with that?

      congrats again on the CNN coverage.

    8. observer on June 23rd, 2005 7:02 pm

      Yes, congrats. It’s been a fun ride the last few days, but life is not a suspense novel we realize. Things are simpler (not more complicated) than they seem.

    9. JoeVols on June 23rd, 2005 7:46 pm

      Is it just me, or does anybody else think that spokeswoman ,Ms Croes, needs a good Alabama crab dangler to loosen her up a little bit?….

    10. khuber3 on June 23rd, 2005 7:50 pm

      I have been here from day one. I do not understand where some of the comments come from. Why some people are here. This is sad. I respect Natalee’s parents, as I am also one. I think you guys, scared moneys, do a good job. As a mother of a daughter, I think we should all wish for the family an end to this. We can all think we have the answers but it seems that tonight with the father being arrested things are pretty clear. Just pray for both of these families.

    11. Trisher on June 23rd, 2005 8:22 pm

      Khuber – What is clear? I still don’t get it. I have my speculations, and listen to those of others, and try to listen to the facts. But instead of being clearer, I’m more confused. I’m listening to O’Reilly now.

    12. Saussay on June 23rd, 2005 8:53 pm


      Me too, I am so confused… although I really think it is a tactical move on the Polis. I could be wrong and have been before. Time will tell, if I can hold on that long.

    13. Red on June 23rd, 2005 8:59 pm

      We are sorry for having to turn the comments off like we did. There were so many on and when CNN did the story, lets just say a couple of people looked up and made it a bit interesting.

      We are working on this for the future.

    14. DADDY US on June 23rd, 2005 9:48 pm

      She is alive, on the island, her parents have paid ransom reliable info I think. 95% sure but ya never know. This would be great if she is alive WOW

    15. TheGreatPretender on June 24th, 2005 1:40 pm

      The Dutch Bent Over Real Fast And Took In The Ass From The Germans………….

      Fuck Your Wooden Shoes & Your Windmills Full Of Shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      God Bless America & Fuck All The Rest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Brianna on June 24th, 2005 4:45 pm

      Wow. Some people need to watch their language…

    17. Dude on June 25th, 2005 6:50 am

      @TheGreatPretender: you have to shut your mouth, your just an ignorant B. if you dont have anything good to say then dont say anything at all. I hope your not kissing your mom with that mouth. you make it seem that god is only for America, your country is pretty godless it seems. with all your wars. keep living in your box! greetings from the Netherlands

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