Confession from a Teen; Report Denied as Well


In a roller coaster ride of media reporting one minute and then the story retracted hours later. A whirl wind ride for people following the case of missing teen, Natalee Holloway. Worse though was that it was the same if not much worse emotional ride for Natalee’s family. First the AP reports that one of the three teens confessed to killing Natalee Holloway only to have it changes to “something bad happened“. Then they were going to take the police to the body and then it was denied.

Three young men who took an Alabama honors student to the beach before she disappeared must stay in jail, a judge ruled Saturday, as Aruba’s attorney general and others denied reports that one had confessed and said he would take police to the body

As rumors mounted about the fate of 18-year-old Natalee Holloway, a spokeswoman for her family, Carla Caccavale, told The Associated Press: “The family confirms that a body has not been found.”

Then the story comes out that Natalee was confirmed dead and the location of her body was known. This too turned out to be a hoax. These types of games must stop now.

However, Cruz later retracted the statement, saying he was a victim of a “misinformation campaign.”

The mother of the 17-year-old told FOX News authorities had not yet contacted them with this information but did say that Natalee’s father, who is divorced from her mother, was with investigators looking for the body.

I can only hope that the family is given some for of piece and piece of mind regarding the where abouts of their daughter. To hear Natalee’s mom during her interview with Geraldo Rivera from Fox News was gut wrenching. Natalee’s mom told Geraldo when discussing what they have been told by Aruban authorities, “the only thing that they divulged is that they were not so sure she was still alive.” The fact that they are being twisted in the wind is wrong. I cannot imagine what I would do in their position. Natalee’s mom showing the strain of this terrible occurrence basically said that she was ready for whatever the answer to the out come is, no matter how bad it may be. She just needs and answer and an outcome. The not knowing and not being kept in the loop has obviously taken its toll. The media and the Aruban authorities need to both get their act together and remember there is a family trying to find their daughter. Aruba get one spokesman to speak on the issue and to the media, get a heart. This is an emotional nightmare for the Holloway family, don’t make it worse. Natalee does represent everyone’s daughter, everyone should remember that.

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    17 Responses to “Confession from a Teen; Report Denied as Well”

    1. sorayda on June 12th, 2005 5:22 am

      you must blaim the american press who is sprading a lot of false rumours and tearing up a lovely island with all their lies. These things happen on a daily basis in the u.s.
      And now the name of an island wich is depending on tourism for it”smainsource of income is being bad named all over the world.
      If this had happened to an arubian girl in the u.s. nobody would have known. And what about the young who are comming on vacation drinking taking all kind substances and being wild without any supervision of any adult.
      This was about to go bad . Im very sorry for Nathaly and her family but you can not blaim aruba or the Arubians. And bye the way everyone in this case is a foreigner not an Arubian. But yet still the name of Aruba and the Arubians is bad mouthed.

    2. Jan on June 12th, 2005 5:33 am

      I totally agree with Sorayda.

      I am a foreigner who lives in Aruba and let me tell you, I have visited more than 20 countries and livedin 3 of them : There is nothing safer than Aruba. From the 5 suspects and the victim in this case not a single one is a native from Aruba ! That girl should have taken more precautions as this attitude is very risqky anywhere in the world. In the US you have more crimes per capita, your nation has a highg rate of criminality. … so much that it has become part of your life. I pray for the Holloway family and sincerely hope Natalee is found alive but please people : Stop accusing and blaming Aruba for every single detail of this case.

    3. Lane on June 12th, 2005 10:02 am

      I, don’t think rational people will blem Aruba ,or the people that live there for anything bad that may have happened. My wife and I were in Aruba in January of this year and loved it ,as a matter of fact we are considering buying a vacation home there.There is no cleaner safer island in the carribean;in my opinion. Our prayers and thoughts are with Natalee and her family.
      The media in the U.S. can be as irresponsible as any where else in the world.
      For the rest of the blame the United States for evrything crowd ,knock it off this is about a human life,not a nationality or race issue.

    4. Red on June 12th, 2005 11:34 am

      Blame Aruba? Read the post!!! This has to do with both media & authorities who are saying things that are being quoted. Obviously something was said.

      All should take a breathe and remember that there is a missing person in all of this.

      No one is blaming Aruba. Read the posts that are on this site. But, leaks came from somewhere. For all involved, this story needs to be controlled better.

      However, those in Aruba I would watch the America bashing as well. Why do you think that this is such a touchy subject. If you bash Americans and stereotype them, ah that what makes up your economy.
      Everyone take a breathe

    5. Barry Black on June 12th, 2005 12:01 pm

      It is obvious that the authorities in Aruba are being extremely cautious about releasing any information about the fate of Ms. Holloway. And perhaps rightly so, but it is also without doubt that to head off any negative impact on their economy, they would like to place as much blame on Ms. Holloway as on the perpetrator. You can be sure that alcohol and/or drugs will be involved. And don’t be surprised if the outcome is accidental drowning!!

    6. Madison March on June 12th, 2005 12:15 pm

      I too thought the Geraldo Rivera interview was gut -wrenching. Geraldo was very kind-hearted and sympathetic. I feel for Natalee’s family, especially her mom. The family needs to be informed as developments arise. Natalee’s mom needs to be aware of what transpired, so that she can prepare herself.

      Unfortunately; it seems as though the orgininal three (3), now in custody should have been detained and not released early on in the investigation.

      I do also agree with Sorayda in that there was a lack of adult supervision. There are always consequences for our actions. During this sad and difficult juncture for the family we all do not want to point fingers until the facts are known; but, inevitably it seems that Natalee used poor judgement and apparently willingly got into the car with these three men. We all can only hope that those guilty will be tried, that the truth will come out and justice will be served! Right now though, the issue should not be that Natalee is a straight A student from an upper class suburb. There are many, many straight A students in other upper class, middle class, and lower class neighborhoods that have made conscious decisions not to get into a car with someone they really do not know. JUST SAY NO!! If it was my daughter I would be devasted, but I would somehow muster up the strength to state unequivocally to please remind your children to use good judgement, stick with the friends you came with, and keep a visual on the adults that were there to chaperone so you can leave with them if necessary. While 18; Natalee can make her own choices, but role playing with your kids no matter the age often helps trigger in their minds, “I need to say NO and not do this or I may be in harms way.”

      At this point; it seems as though Natalee went willingly. She was not grabbed kicking and screaming, and thrown into a car outside the bar. Please let this be an example to every family around the world to remind your children of the dangers of getting into a car with someone they do not really know. It is often the misperception that when we are young we are invincible. We need to stress making good choices. No matter the age we need stress making rational decisions and using common sense!!

    7. The Political Teen » “Something Bad” Didn’t Happen on June 12th, 2005 12:19 pm


      June 12, 2005
      “Something Bad” Didn’t Happen

      (via Scared Monkeys) The report that a teen confessed to the murder of Natalee Holloway is now false. YAHOO – [...]

    8. Sam on June 12th, 2005 1:03 pm

      i’m sorry… this stinks of “special blonde sydrome.” this woman turns out to not be as perfect as everyone has claimed, has she. they teach children not to get in cars with a stranger- let alone 3. is their a correlation between forgetting and increased curricular difficult? just ask yourself this.. from an integrity/character standpoint: what sory of person gets drunk and slips into a truck with 3 guys she hasn’t known more than a few days to go to a deserted beach. as someone stated previously, if this had been an african-american, any other monority, or an Aruba that was abducted in Oakland, CA, the press would not give a shit…. but give us a blonde.. and America comes to it’s knees to pray; the media sparks up: “there’s money to be made on this one!!!”

    9. lynette on June 12th, 2005 4:16 pm

      Sam- do you have something against blondes?? Do I detect a prejudice here? Maybe you’d be more sympathetic to natalee’s tragedy if she weren’t blonde and beautiful. Yes, she used poor judgement, but maybe she didn’t consider these guys strangers and had come to trust the one she’d befriended several days earlier.
      You seem angry that the public is so taken with the story and concerned for her. Could it be because of her youth and the bright future ahead of her that people are so concerned? Also, people feel empathy for her parents who must be devastated that her future has been robbed. I’ve seen people equally concerned with other missing victims in the media who were not blonde! The blonde factor has nothing to do with it.

    10. sandy m on June 12th, 2005 9:57 pm

      has anyone ever thought that natalee was given the date rape drug and this is why she did not use good judgement? does anyone know this 17 year-old’s friends besides the ones arrested and just what type person he really was. is he capable of doing something like this or could it have been an accident? if it were an accident, why didn’t they report it immediately? sounds like that excuse is out! where is this boy’s dad and why isn’t he with the mom? has this boy been a handful all of his life and they are to the point of not knowing what else to do for him? he is a nice looking boy, but sometimes that makes them think they can do or get anyone. does he think he is beyond the law or is he a good kid? instead of everyone trying to fault someone or make aruba or the us the bad guys, let’s hear about these kids involved and the security guards from real sources where it isn’t just hear say. i am sure the police are doing everything they can to solve this-it is a human life, not a country that is missing.

    11. angela on June 12th, 2005 10:10 pm

      i pray that the LORD is with not only the holloway but every one on this site fussing over something that we should all think about from day to day of how one little mistake not thinking of what was gonna happen left a family in grief and a world at wonder this should have brought us together but we cant see passed the bad to see the good because all those fingers pointing back and forth blame every one are in the way

    12. John Marson on June 12th, 2005 11:05 pm

      If Natalee was killed and left at the beach or anywhere, all one has to do to find her body is to follow the birds. Buzzards and other birds would be flocking to her corpse. You would be able to see them for miles!
      Are there any caves on the island? Her body may have been hidden in a cave.

    13. Robert Stowell on June 13th, 2005 3:26 am

      Why hasnt anybody thought of this? The 3 guys at the bar druged her. took her to the beach and put her on a boat. And she was shiped off to Columbia to the prostitution houses they have over there. She wouldnt be the first young girl in Aruba this has happened too. I dont think she is dead or they would have found a body. These are young boys, or men, what ever you want to call them, there boys. If they did this, they would be freaked out. They would have put her in a bush or in the water and got out of there real fast. They had every thing planned is what i think, and they sold her. The press has been bringing this up a little, but nobody’s even thinking about this. I hope our president gets involved and dont let this one go. And not because she’s a blonde American, but because she is a humman being. I think Aruba is doing great with this , but i wish they would give out more info.

    14. PUCCA on June 21st, 2005 1:17 pm

      I am getting sick of this case! First of all I want to say that I am very sorry for the family and specially the mother, because it must be very painfull. But at the same time I feel it for the island , for this little country.

      People are saying that we are concentrating ourselves in the tourism and not in the case of Nathaly and that is completely not true!! At the beginning all we did is help and concetrate ourselves in finding this girl, but afterwards for our surprise all we got were bad comments coming out of the American news, they started it and we have to defend ourselves of course. This is the reason why we try to explain people around the world that what appears in the news is not true, but this does not mean that we are not concentrating in the case!!!!

      My main point writing this comment is that i think that you cannot say such bad things of a country , because of 1 or 3 peanut heads!! you cannot judge the whole country , because of something that unfortunately happened here and does not happen often. I am pretty sure that Americans know the feeling. We love americans, we love to have them here and because of this we don’t want to think differently from us.
      But what I am going to say next will hurt a lot of people, but it’s the only way to make people undertstand what we Arubian feel when the news is dropping bombs at the whole country, because of a small group of people who were out of their mind.
      WE DO NOT KILL PEOPLE FOR OIL!!! it’s not personal and I am pretty sure a lot of Americans hate it when people say these things to them, specially when they were not involved….now do you guys get my point?? Of course I don’t believe in this saying, but it is a way for you guys to undertstand that we don’t know what we did wrong, but why should people not come to Aruba anymore???

    15. Beware on June 26th, 2005 11:53 pm

      Aruba is a racist place the doesn`t let no one know about there secret, they have killing every day drug smuggeling and so!!
      Aruba always copies our tourist actracion places and published them in there campaigns, they always talks bad about us that we kill tourist and so!!

      That`s a big lye I feel sorry for Nathaly that she have to desapear like that I feel that`s she`s death and the throw her body in to the oceaan!!

      Sorry for the holloway family

      And for Aruba that`s Karma law what is happing with you all there, what goes around comes Around
      You lied about Us and now you self have the problem!!!

      For you all to see they still need our judges from curacao to come help them in this case!!

      Stupid arubians!!

      For you all to see how aruba is They are the Island with the biggest cover up there is in the caribean!!!


    16. please bobo (lese na papiamento) pa e estupido cu a skirbi e cos aki riba on July 7th, 2005 2:15 pm

      Well everybody,: esaki ta pabo cu ta skirbi coy loko, bo no ta wak cu ni ingles bo no por skirbi wel laga un hende translate e saki pabo awor, paso mi ta bay over na INGLES bobo,!!!!!!!!!!!!)
      thanks for all the good comments about ARUBA, and yes it’s a hard time, but I’m realy really fed up about this situation!!!! REALLY
      For this “person” that says he is from curacao, well let me tell you something,: Bo ta sigur un estupido cu ta muerte di hamber(na aruba hamas lo bo hanja un hende cu nan auto ta mas grandi cu nan cas, mi ta sigur cu den bo caso esey lo ta asina !) mi ta djis bay na e mihor hotel cu boso tin. Esun di mas malo di nos, ta asina mes mihor cu boso 0.00001 star hotelnan, si bo ta kere cu aruba ta tuma potret di boso beach berde/bruin cu ni abo mes no ta bay aden, anto lo bo kere cu RITZ CARLTON lo PIDI pa bin ARUBA, si ta sina bunita boso isla ta, ta dikon ta e macamba cheap ney so ta bishita boso pais.!!! en cambio aboso, ta horta so boso hendenan ta horta pa hanja algo di come DANKI na boso gobierno cu ni un anja un gobierno no por wanta drechi cu e ta cay, esaki ta e isla bon cu boso ta bisa boso ta biba riba dje, anto bo ta echt kere cu ta resta algo cu nos lo kier copia di boso, mira kiko boso hotel ta, CAMPO ALEGRE!
      hahahahaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, wak boso aeropuerto HAHAHAHA…. no comment!!!!!!!
      Wak boso lo keda semper bou hulanda ta purba papia hulandes anto lubida cu nos tur ta esclavo nos twt un dia e e hendeney cu boso ta adora, esta hypocrita boso ta !
      Anyway mihor panos, e cos ta cu tur e oro ney cu boso ta cana cu ne rond ta HORTA di nos rooi nan manera ROOI FRANCES, anto boso, net boso kier cana ta broma cu djente di oro.
      pa delaster mi lo kier a bisabo, cu ta danki boso mester duna nos paso ora nan puntra unda curacao ta keda (btw, e pais di smokkelaars fracasa) e prome cos cu boso ta bisa ta, next to aruba, anto nan ta contesta boso ARUBA??, owwwh that beautifull island, is curacao like aruba? Anto mi ta spera cu boso contesta lo ta, not even an inch”, we would like to be like that island one day!!!!!!!!
      Stop di envidia y cuminsa yuda bo mes, anto e ora lo bo wak bo pais progresa!
      Ta pa motibo di hendenan manera abo, e isla curacao nunca lo progresa!!!!
      Danki pa bishita aruba toch, paso si bo ta papia asina di Aruba bo mester a yega di gasta bo placa pa bin aki…… mi ta sigur, i cuidow cu bo ta geboek pa bin atrobe!!!!
      Nos ta topaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………… DOEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!

    17. Renee on December 26th, 2006 2:05 am

      I agree with the first few comments. I have never been to Aruba, but I do fully understand American politics. This loss of the Holloway girl is unfortunate, but this sort of thing happens regularly to US teens. However, if you are of low means and/or of the wrong cultural group then you too will face the same challenges that the Holloway family is plagued with now.

      I just wished that when we here of misfortunes such as this people would remain concerned and become willing to fight for the kind of change and response wished for of the Arubian government.

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