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Judge William H. Pryor Jr., was confirmed by the Senate today for a seat on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Atlanta. The Senate voted, 53-45, to confirm Judge Pryor for a lifetime appointment after months of filibusters and threats of filibusters.

WASHINGTON, June 9 – Judge William H. Pryor Jr., one of President Bush’s embattled judicial nominees, was confirmed by the Senate today for a seat on the federal appeals court that covers Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

The Senate voted, 53-45, to confirm Judge Pryor for a lifetime appointment to the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta. He has been sitting on the tribunal since early 2004 under a temporary presidential appointment that would have expired late this year without the Senate confirmation.

There were some hold outs in the Republican Party that did not vote for Judge Pryor’s confirmation. On key, it was the three RINO’s from New England.

Three Republicans voted against confirmation – Senator Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, both of Maine, and Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island. Two Democrats voted in favor – Senators Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Ken Salazar of Colorado. Two senators did not vote – James Jeffords, Independent of Vermont, and Lisa Murkowski, Republican of Alaska.

Should Collins and Snowe really wonder why The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard was put on the BRAC closure list? That’s right Senators, there are no politics involved it is at all.

Pryor’s confirmation although certain as ordained by the previous filibuster compromise (agreed to by the 7 dwarves x 2) still had its share of partisan wrangling “pryor” to the vote.

Liberals denounced Pryor’s staunch opposition to abortion and his criticisms of the Voting Rights Act. But Republicans defended him and said his confirmation was long overdue.

“He has an outstanding record on civil rights,” Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) told the Senate. “Those who criticize Judge Pryor’s record have not examined it with the care and respect” it deserved.

The Democratic rant against Judge Pryor went on further.

Still, Democratic leaders wanted Pryor stopped, saying he will be a conservative vote against civil rights, women’s rights and the environment.

“This is truly the trifecta on civil rights here this week in Washington, to confirm Janice Rogers Brown and William Pryor and to report Terrence Boyle from this committee,” said Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois, the Senate’s No. 2 Democrat. “When it comes to the issue of civil rights, it’s a sad week.”

As Captain Ed says though, and I would have to agree.

The real test for the compromise will be the later nominations. Expect to see Henry Saad and William Myers filibustered into oblivion, and the Seven Dwarves to allow it. The entire exercise is designed to set the two nominees up as a precedent that legitimizes the use of the filibuster for the upcoming Supreme Court openings. If anyone else gets filibustered, however, the deal will rapidly fall apart.

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