Get the Feeling Brooklyn College got the message?


ShortellThe fun loving, Christian hating professor who was bidding to head the Sociology department at Brooklyn College, Timothy Shortell, has announced that he has decided not to seek the chair after all. I am sure that the administration had no input in the matter, and that ol’ Timothy (I can see him correcting anyone who calls him Tim) did it out of deep reflection and thought.

If you believe that one , I got a bridge right up the road to sell you.

From the New York Sun:

  Brooklyn College professor who described religious people as “moral retards” said he is dropping his bid to become chairman of the department of sociology after the college’s president expressed outrage over his views.

Timothy Shortell, an associate professor in the sociology department at the CUNY senior college, sent a bitter e-mail on Monday to several departmental heads saying he had decided to step down as chairman-elect and claiming he was a victim of a political attack.

Yesterday, the college’s administration, led by the president, Christoph Kimmich, announced that Mr. Shortell declined the appointment but would be consulting on the future leadership of the department.

In his e-mail, Mr. Shortell expressed anger at the treatment he received from some members of his department and at what he called the administration’s “inadequate” defense of his academic freedom.

“After witnessing the amount of venom directed at me by some members of the department during the last two weeks,” he wrote, “I have come to doubt the possibility of any amicable solution.” The e-mail was forwarded to The New York Sun by the chairman of the department of television and radio, George Rodman.

Timothy, if I dare, can I give you some advice. If someone came into you department and wanted to teach a class on comparative Religion that said all Atheists are “ moral retards”, you would have denied them a position and/or  tenure at a moments notice. So stop throwing stones, you were found out, and now you are paying the price for it. That is the real world.

Hat tip Michelle Malkin.

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    9 Responses to “Get the Feeling Brooklyn College got the message?”

    1. 1754BLOG.COM » Blog Archive » WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT on June 8th, 2005 2:31 pm

      [...] « ANIMATION BANDWAGON WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT That faculty would also find this guy’s comments so downright idiotic as to force him to resi [...]

    2. Padraig on June 8th, 2005 2:45 pm

      I am sure you know nothing of advanced sociological, pyschological or even poli-sci theory. I’m sure you don’t realize that Shortell simply reiterated conventional theory in an entertaining slightly-sensationalized style (Durkheim, Weber, Simmel, men much smarter than you). Shortell was the only Professor to award me less than an A at Brooklyn College (he killed my 4.0 which doesn’t weight A+’s). My final paper topic: “How religious people are statistically proven to be bigots”. The big irony of your little piece is that he is pointing out that many dogmatic Christians are indeed “haters” and you, probably a dogmatic Christian, are expressing yourself as a hater. Read his piece before you write about, you are smathered and stuffed with bullshit and hypocrisy. You don’t seem to be following Jesus’ moral message. Your little article should probably stress how we should embrace and love Shortell
      I called him Tim once, he didn’t seem to care.

    3. Tom on June 8th, 2005 3:38 pm


      If a professor would hold my religon against me, and to be honest I am far from dogmatic, then I will hold his bigoted and prejudiced viewpoints against him, and use my forum to show the world what he stands for.

      Ah, the light of day, is a glorious thing.

      And thanks for reading our site. I doubt there is much you will like from your comment, but it is always good to see the other side.


    4. Blind Mind’s Eye » Blog Archive » Yet another reason to raze the liberal arts departments to the ground on June 8th, 2005 6:36 pm

      [...] sticism by actually making people think a little about their non-belief. The picture that Scary Monkeys provides of this guy just looks like the kind of guy who couldn’t stand the thought of s [...]

    5. MikeT on June 8th, 2005 6:46 pm


      I suppose the irony that you have exhibited the same sort of bigoted generalization that you claim to oppose has flown right over your head. You are typical of those who think that any vocal opposition of your cherished beliefs is an obvious sign of bigotry. People like you are why democracy is a sham because you are so thin-skinned that you take everything personally.

      What of the white leftists who tell blacks that they need the government to succeed because they’re just too damn racially inferior to ever succeed on their own? Oh I’m sorry, that’s progressive talk because Amerikkka is so racist that we’re practically gunning them down in the streets en masse.

      Wake up and smell the rotting dead bodies, you dumbass prick. Atheist socialism, that darling of the academic left, has killed more people than all organized religions combined in the entire history of civilization. The Soviet Union murdered directly or indirectly more people than all three of the Abrahamic religions put together. Just because they cloaked themselves in the mantra of the proletarian revolution doesn’t excuse their utter hatred for anyone who would challenge them or who actually had even a modicum of private wealth.

      I call one of my professors by his first name all the time. Who gives a damn because I sure as hell don’t. You make it sound like he’s so cool and edgy because he doesn’t get immediately offended at hearing the name his mother gave him when he was born.

      Do you know what sociology really is? It’s hypothetical statements about human civilization cloaked in the first stages of the scientific method because surprise, surprise, experimentation that yields consistently reproducable results is nigh impossible with the social “sciences.” What’s a bigot, Padraig? Give me a true scientific understanding of what constitutes bigotry that doesn’t vary from person to person. Good luck with that.

    6. J Rob on June 8th, 2005 8:16 pm

      I see padraig has been making the rounds. At least he is actually writing something different at each site rather c&p the same comment.

    7. Neo on June 8th, 2005 8:26 pm

      I guess the notion of “Diversity” and “Tolerance” also applies to “moral retards.” What a concept.

    8. Fifty-three More Things to Do in Zero Gravity on June 8th, 2005 10:38 pm

      Shortell Drops Bid for Department Chair!

      A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Timothy Shortell, who wrote that Christians will “just as soon kill you.” Shortell dropped his bid for his department’s chair due to pressure from the college administration. Good riddance.

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