The Rats are Scurrying off the Ship


DeanFirst came the Party Leaders as Senator Biden and Ex Senator and Failed Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards ran away from Dean’s comments about the Republicans. Now we get word that 3 of the top fundraisers from the Democratic National Committee are leaving or have left their positions.

From The Hill, the newspaper for and about Congress.

Three top fundraisers at the Democratic National Committee have resigned at a time when its chairman, former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, has come under fire from fellow Democrats for controversial comments and his Republican counterpart has raised more than twice as much money.

Democratic sources link the resignations to Dean’s decision to focus on raising money in small increments through the Internet, as he did during his 2004 presidential bid, and building up the party’s grassroots infrastructure while paying little attention to major Democratic donors.

It is not because of their love of the job is gone or it is time to look at opportunities, as one might typically say when leaving a position like this. Nope, one of the DNC fundraisers said it was because of strategic differences. That is corporate speak means “ I sure as heck want the whole world to know that some really weird stuff is going on, and I do not want my name on any of it.” \

The committee’s finance directors for the two biggest hubs of Democratic fundraising have quit. Bridget Siegel, finance director for New York and the surrounding area, resigned last week, and Lori Kreloff, finance director for California, left the committee last month.

A third top DNC fundraiser, Nancy Eiring, the director of grassroots fundraising, has also resigned, citing strategic differences with aides to Dean, according to a report yesterday in ABC News’ “The Note.”

So Howard Dean’s direction is doing great. He has alienated the middle of the party, has party leaders distancing themselves from him on Sunday Talk Shows, and is losing the top fund raisers in the party. So hows he doing, we ask with glee. Well the Democrats say he is doing great, why he has raised even more money than the last election cycle.

Dean’s defenders also note that DNC fundraising is ahead of where it was at this point after the last presidential election, when Democrats could still raise unlimited amounts of soft money.

Through the end of April, the DNC raised $18.2 million in total contributions, according to a report filed with the Federal Election Commission, although DNC officials say that $18.6 million is a more accurate total.

But then the reality raises it’s ugly head.

By comparison, the Republican National Committee has raised $42.6 million, according to FEC data — more than twice as much.

Oops! Well, as a good conservative, we wish Mr. Dean all of the good luck in the world. May he lead the DNC through the next election cycle and beyond!


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    One Response to “The Rats are Scurrying off the Ship”

    1. Red on June 7th, 2005 10:45 pm

      Howard Dean is a small fish in a big pond. All that hype about his campaign, the internet and all the cash raised. THEN IT WAS ALL GONE OVERNIGHT.

      How anyone in the Democratic Party ever thought that this man had the talent of the class to do this job is beyond me. If he was so good, why isn’t he President right now? My God he did not even win the nomination.

      The Dean watch is on. I have predicted he will never be DNC Chair come 2008. He not only mobilizes the Republican base, he can’t raise money. In the process he pisses off the people around him who are the fund raising talent.


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