FROM FOX And CNN NEWS, Natalee Holloway : BREAKING (Updates) “Bloody Mattress Found”


12:17     A Bloody Mattress has been found in southwest part of the island in St. Nicolas, and all roads have been closed in and around this area . That is all we have so far.

12:30 pm: The finding of a bloody mattress in has been confirmed by the Aruban Minister of Tourism according to Fox News reporter. (Minister of Tourism?)

Police found a bloody mattress Sunday on the south east part of Aruba where Alabama student Natalee Holloway, 18, disappeared earlier this week while on a high school graduation trip, the Aruban minister of tourism has confirmed.

All roads have been closed in the area around San Nicolas as police continue to investigate. The mattress will reportedly undergo testing.

Meanwhile, authorities on the island detained two men earlier Sunday in connection with the disappearance of the teen.

2:00 pm The only new thing from Fox is that the 2 men taken into custody have been officially arrested. No mention of charges.
CNN is reporting Zuart Mangel is a place that the Aruban Marines are looking through the mangrove swamps in this area. CNN is reporting the mattress was in this area. This area is just east of St. Nicolas. *** News conference is scheduled in 2 hours, 3 pm Eastern. *** Arrest information on the two men taken into custody is expected.

2:30 pm AP – Police found the mattress in thick brush at Grapefield beach.

Police found a blood-soaked mattress on a beach in eastern Aruba and will conduct tests on it, hours after authorities detained two men in connection with the disappearance of an Alabama teenager missing since last week, an official said.
Police found the mattress in thick brush at Grapefield beach, prompting authorities to focus their search for 18-year-old honors student Natalee Holloway in the area, the Dutch Caribbean island’s deputy police chief Gerold Dompig said.

More than two dozen Dutch marines combed the beach, a desolate coastal area of volcanic rock and sea grape plants. They poked the sand with thin probe sticks. A police helicopter sat upshore as small waves whitened and lapped the shore.

“The search is related to the discovery of a bloody mattress,” Dompig told The Associated Press.

Grapefield beach area known for its cliffs and climbing can be seen here.

Grapefield is situated on the eastern point of Aruba, near Seroe Colorado. It is reached by taking the road to San Nicolas and then following the signs to Seroe Colorado.


4.00 pm EDT: From Aruban Press Conference via Fox TV

Aruban Authorities have formally requested from the US Embassy a Special FBI Dive Team come to Aruba to search the rocky shores. Search is being done on land and in sea.

No information was provided as to whether the 2 men arrested this morning had an link or relationship to the 3 men of interest who were last seen with Natalee.

5.30 pm EDT: AP - case will go before a local judge within 48 hours to determine whether the detentions are legal.

The men – ages 28 and 30 – were arrested Sunday morning at two separate homes in the southeastern community of San Nicolas, Attorney General Caren Janssen told reporters at news conference in the capital.

Janssen declined to provide the specific charges, saying the case will go before a local judge within 48 hours to determine whether the detentions are legal.

“The charges have a relationship with the disappearance,” Janssen said, without providing details. “There is a reasonable suspicion they may be involved.”

Janssen said authorities wanted a special FBI diving team because of rough currents in some areas. She said that authorities had not found any of Holloway’s belongings at the suspects’ homes. Authorities impounded three vehicles found at the two homes, and a team of more than a dozen FBI agents will help perform forensic testing on them, police said.

Update: Dan over at Riehl World is also doing a great job, if we have missed anything, he has everything else if not more!

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    12 Responses to “FROM FOX And CNN NEWS, Natalee Holloway : BREAKING (Updates) “Bloody Mattress Found””

    1. Alice on June 8th, 2005 10:37 pm

      My husband and I always watch FOX NEWS channel as it is so informative. I am in question as to why_from day one_dogs have not been used in the search for Natalee Holloway. I know first hand how great they are in the field finding missing people. I was really taken back when I don’t see the dogs.
      Keep up the good work at FOX.

    2. Cathy on June 9th, 2005 12:22 am

      I live on Aruba, Many things are possible. Hence considering the victims own words in her highschool yearbook, she might as well have ran away to her birdlike freedom to some nearby south american country. If she was able to strike up relationships with total strangers, be it sexual, and three at that.. she could have been making connections with anyone else to do as she likes. If she had drowned she would’ve turned up within 4 days time. Our waters give up the corpses in it very speedily. And a small island like this is not a place where you can miss a corpse easily.

    3. Cathy on June 9th, 2005 12:28 am

      Another thing that makes it all the more confusing is the statement published by the missing girl’s mother. She doesn’t sound liek the mother who had a great relationship with her daughter and who is 100% sure she is in harms way and who wants to plead for her safe return. She stated: I’m NOT leaving this Island with out you, I’m at hotel “such-n-such” meet me there. Come!! I’m NOT leaving without you!!! If she belieevs her daughter is kidnapped why would she say something like that? Why would she say something that alludes to possible rocky relationships and anger, reproof? Later she stated: Hootie, I’m your mother, we need to talk!! Come so we can talk!! She has never adressed the “kidnappers”. I believe she very well knows her daughter is missing due to her own will.

    4. Cathy on June 9th, 2005 12:36 am

      Family is usually the last ones to know their teens true identity, hidden for years. And also the ones who will refuse to stain teh identity of their child publicly. So teh portrayal could not entirely be true that she is miss perfect. This is my honest opinion. I know when my mother speaks to me she knows who i am.. but she doesnt know all i do. Why should it be any different with her? i’m a very good student too, i do many nice things for others, and still i have my hidden dark side.. and finally I believe so does Natalee, her family might be in denial. It’s a hard fact to accept, finding out your teenage daughter has casual sex with total strangers is hard to swallo. but I say… it’s never good to ruin a whole islands image to cover the image of one freedom loving young wild woman.

    5. Maarten Mannee on June 10th, 2005 9:22 am

      This is the boy that’s been arrested. Joran van der Sloot from Holland, son of a judge

    6. Eugene Pooler on June 10th, 2005 8:44 pm

      Joran Vad Der Sloot is 17 year old, he is then a minor. In the US sexual contact between Natalee Holloway 18, and the Dutch boy is Statutory Rape. It has been reported by Fox News that they had sexual contact in a car on Arashi Beach on the northern part of the island. The law may be different in Aruba.

    7. Alexis H on June 16th, 2005 11:14 am

      17 in the US is of age now.

    8. Robin on June 21st, 2005 12:21 am

      Why was she left alone anyway with 3strangers? Where were her classmates? Just hire a psychic and call it a nite..this is one mystery that will probably go unsolved forever???

    9. A_Genie4u on June 23rd, 2005 4:56 am

      Amazing, how they blame the girl when the men use ways to deceive the police, the pretty young lady, their own parents, a teen gambling when he is a minor, drinking at bars when he is a minor, hanging out with the wrong crowd and where are his parents..busy with their own lives I guess. Sounds like responsiblity has been ignored with all of the young men in this case. Look at that websites that are posted on, Yahoo, and MSN. The lies, the leads that are false, bars that have bad local reputation, bus drivers know there is alot of mischief going, and prostuiton rings do exist in a country where it is legal. Why do people disappear because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time for many reasons. Only God knows the answer. The sad thing is NH is kidnapped, missing, and possible murder as she is not showing nowhere to be alive, or perhaps lock inside a room for all one knows. Quite possilbe she is elsewhere, and only time will prove the answers to the mysterious disappearance where her family needs closure so dearly. Most people in Aruba, and USA are sadded by, this disturbed event. I wish it ends soon, so everyone in Aruba the best as it is sad that their country is caught up in this terrible tragedy. I do not blame their country, I only blame the men that are responsbile for pointing the fingers at everyone else, instead of being blind by their own rotten desires. Truth will come in due time. Remember, the adage, “Patience is a virtue” and what “Comes around goes around.” Aruba, a beautiful vacation island is reminding us what to follow in our hearts as if it was our own country. If your child was missing you will do what any parent would do, look for your child..Stop blaming the girl just because prositution is legal in Aruba. Instead, blame the people who are are responsible for this horrible ordeal. Yes, the teens are naive, and this is why traveling anywhere that precautions must be taken even on High School Trips. How we learn from our mistakes, or our mistakes become our fate. Let’s pray for peace among nations, and bring this lady home to her parents as this is any parent deepest wish no matter where we all reside. Natalee Holloway you are in our prayers everyday..we love you as if you were our daughter. We want you home a.s.a.p.

      I believe it was Beth Holloway/Twitty way in calling for her daughter, it was not to implicate her, or blame her. Everyone is enititle to their own mannerism, opinions, and remember the adage on that view too.

    10. C. Montgomery on June 29th, 2005 6:40 pm

      I believe that I once heard mention of Joran being an former ecstacy dealer?? I also remember her classmates saying that she did not appear drunk when she left the bar, but Deepok and his brother said her head was bobbing up and down in the backseat of the car….could it be that Joran slipped her some ecstacy in her drink, and it started taking effect after they left the bar? From what I have heard about this drug, each person can have a different effect. One can feel great, and another can die instantly!!
      Maybe Joran didnt mean for her to die, and got scared and called his papa to help him…Just my theory.

    11. hoodia on July 22nd, 2005 2:45 pm


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    12. Peter Patry on February 9th, 2009 10:15 pm

      My name is Peter Patry I am A Canadian Citizen
      I believe This is what I really belived happend to mrs.Nathalie Ann Holloway, She’s very much ALIVE Today because “think about it” for a minute Or secound, if there was A TRUE crime in this. they would have found forenzic evidence
      something by know if Nathalie was DEAD.
      It’s a big cover up Joran Van der Sloot, Sold
      Nathalie Ann Holloway for 10.000$ dollars to a
      Venezuelan man who ‘wanted a blonde girl’ at
      Tha time Jordan met that man at a Casino and
      he wanted a blond girl.
      Jordan is also involved in sex trafficking in
      Thailand as we speak. People!!! think about it
      This young lady is gorgious and very beautiful.
      The night Jordan met nathalie and her Friends at
      That BAR she was druged and out of it, then he made a Phone call to that person to meet him
      at the Beach, and that’s when he sold
      Nathalie Ann Holloway.
      Everyone she’s alive and I trully believe that
      We have the power the Internet to do everything
      in our POWER to bring back home Nathalie to her
      And I think they deserve that very much, for US People to Act NOW and bring her HOME, before it’s
      Really TOO LATE!! I am righting this STORY cause
      To ME I believe she’s very much ALIVE! till this
      Day February 08 2009 . we cant give up now, We
      Will find Nathalie Ann Holloway. I believe that!!

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