US – Iraqi Find; How many More May exist


The US and Iraqi forces find a massive bunker network in Iraq’s western province of Anbar the size of three football fields long. I truly believe that most Americans are not even aware of the enormity of the weapons cache and extent to which Saddam had built such bunkers. Three football fields long?

U.S. and Iraqi forces searching Iraq’s western province of Anbar on Saturday uncovered a network of bunkers hidden in a vast underground quarry and equipped with air conditioning, food and a wide assortment of weapons, a Marine spokesman said.

The quarry, near the town of Karmah, was as long as three football fields and had been divided into rooms that apparently had housed insurgents, the spokesman, Capt. Jeffrey S. Pool, said in a statement.

Within the various rooms making up the facility, Iraqi security and coalition forces discovered four fully furnished living spaces, a kitchen with fresh food, two shower facilities and a working air conditioner,” Pool said.

The weapons stored in the facility included mortars, artillery shells and rockets, according to Pool, who said night-vision goggles and cell phones were also found.

One just wonders how many more such bunkers exist and what else is being hid in these elaborate bunker systems?

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    2 Responses to “US – Iraqi Find; How many More May exist”

    1. YSNHGT on June 23rd, 2005 4:23 am

      You should never have gone there. You’ve been listening to the lies of your government far too many times. Now you’re paying the price for it. May the George be with you now that your loved ones you’ve betrayed are dying in a sun burned desert far away from home. Vision of hell in their eyes, yeah sure they will bless America when their final heartbeat has sounded.

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