Howard Dean’s 100 Day Review


Independent Sources has done a great job of creating the performance review for Howard Dean at the DNC over his first 100 days. This is typical in the corporate world to determine whether or not to keep or let the employee go. An excerpt, then you need to go over and read the rest.

Employee Howard Dean has been Chairman of the DNC for 100 days. At the end of the that probationary period, we review each new hire’s performance and make recommendations for improvement or other action.

Mr. Dean’s duties are in three principal areas:

1) Fundraising
Performance: Poor

Mr. Dean’s primary job objective is to raise money for the Committee. His 2004 campaign’s fundraising success was a principal reason he was hired. But after finally matching the other party in 2004, we have fallen far behind since he took over. In Q1 we raised only $14m vs their $32m. We had only 20,000 new donors and they had 68,200. We’re left with only $7m in the bank versus their $26m. The press attributes this to Mr. Dean’s lack of engagement with the fundraising effort and reticence from the business community, given Mr. Dean’s anti-business stance in the last election. If we don’t have money, we don’t win, and if we don’t win, we don’t get money. This is a major problem.

On top of that, this affects staff morale. We have our children’s private school tuition payments to meet and 401k contributions to make — I know as a party we’re all about public schools and relying on Social Security, but the staff has to live in the real world!

Now. off you go and read the rest of the review. It is dead on!

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    One Response to “Howard Dean’s 100 Day Review”

    1. Gary Kurczodyna on June 6th, 2005 10:35 am

      As a card carrying Republican ( member # 188472627 ) all i can say is PLEASE keep Howard Dean in there working for the Democrates. We appreciate the help he’s giving our party with his lack of fund raising. We also appreciate his attacking Rush Limbaugh instead of our legally elected president. It shows everyone just what really interest the democratic party. Dean would rather verbally attack a private citizen then show real political leadership. With Dean on the democrate side the Republicans can’t lose. And please don’t hate me or blast me for stating the obvious. We maybe on different sides politically but we both see Dean for what he is.

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