Happy Memorial Day; THANK YOU and God Bless


A special thank you to the many men and women of our armed services that have paid the ultimate sacrifice to their country so that we all are afforded the rights and liberties that make us the greatest nation on earth.

Thank you to those also who are presently serving. God Bless All.

President Bush lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. He also delivered some remarks at the Memorial Amphitheater.

The soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines we remember today answered the call of service in our nation’s hour of need,” Bush said.

“They stood to fight for America’s highest ideals, and when the sun came up this morning the flag flew at half staff in solemn gratitude and in deep respect.”

President Bush also went on to say:

“The names of the men buried there are known only to God but their courage and sacrifice will never be forgotten by our nation,” Bush said in remarks after a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, which featured songs like “The Star Spangled Banner” and “Taps.”

On a personal note. In memory of my soft spoken highly decorated uncle, who was always too modest to talk about his heroics in WWII. A true gentleman and my hero. Thank you for your service Uncle Red, God Bless you. I miss you.

Update I: Video from the President’s speech thanks to Trey Jackson

President at Arlington National Cemetery

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UPDATE II: More from President Bush’s speech from Arlington National Cemetery.

President Bush honored America’s “brave defenders” Monday in a dual Memorial Day salute to the dead and missing in action from wars of yesteryear and those on the front lines of today’s war against terrorism.

“… And when the sun came up this morning,” he added, “the flag flew at half staff in solemn gratitude and in deep respect. We receive the fallen in sorrow and we take them to an honored place to rest. Looking across this field, we see the scale of heroism and sacrifice.”

Bush said America “has always been a reluctant warrior,” but then noted the more than 400,000 who perished in World War II alone.

“All who are buried here understood their duty,” he said, “and all carried with them memories of a family they hoped to keep safe by their sacrifice.”

“Today, we also remember the Americans who were still missing. We honor them, and our nation is determined to account for all of them,” Bush said.

Turning to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he noted that the nation is “fighting a new war.”

“Across the globe, the military is standing directly between our people and the worst dangers in the world,” Bush declared. “And America is grateful to have such brave defenders.”

“The war on terror brought great causes,” he said, noting conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Because of the brave sacrifice,” Bush added, “two terrorist regimes are gone forever. Freedom is on the march and America is more secure.”

Update III: President’s Memorial Day Weekend radio address
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