Thank You for a Great 3 Months


We started Scared Monkeys 3 months ago today, and it has been a wonderful experience. Thank you to the people who read us regularly, and the people who come every once in a while. We also thank the people who agree with us, it is a wonderful feeling to be appreciated and read. But thanks also goes out to those who disagree. You are the people who keep us honest, make us really think, and help keep us working hard to be as accurate as possible.

And a special thanks to our wives. Without their patience and love, Red and I would not have the chance to do this. They are both truly special and wonderful people.

Here are some numbers that are kind of fun, and help the ego,

As of May 28th, these are our raw numbers after 3 months

40,050 Visitors

950 Posts

Truth Laid Bear Links Ranking #195

Truth Laid Bear Traffic Ranking # 386

New Friends – Many


To everyone, Thank You So Much, it has been a great time and we are eager to keep going forward.

Tom and Red


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    One Response to “Thank You for a Great 3 Months”

    1. Red on May 28th, 2005 12:23 pm

      I would like to also mention all the great people we met at BlogNashville that enlightened us upon new ideas and paths. The many different personalities who we may have agreed with and many that we did not. In either case there was usually a respectfully conversation.

      I never would have believed that after 3 months this is where we would be. Frankly, I am pleasantly stunned, honored and humbled.

      We have had comments, emails and even met so many great people who have such a love and dedication to their craft. Thank you to all.

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