Bush to Senate Dem’s on Bolton Documents; Pound Sand


In response to Senate Democrats to produce confidential unredacted documents that Biden & Reid had requested; President Bush says, “No”. What is rather hypocritical is the fact that when Democrats justified the judicial filibuster and vilified the so called “nuclear” option, they stated that they were defending the right of the Senate’s checks and balances. What part about this Senate Democrats is not privileged Executive material and part of those same checks and balances? Biden knew when he made the request to receive the Bolton documents he would never get them. Today, President Bush said exactly what Biden already knew, NO!

The Bush administration said yesterday that Democratic senators should not expect to get the documents they are seeking before they will allow an up-or-down vote on John R. Bolton, whom the president nominated to be ambassador to the United Nations.

“They have what they need,” White House spokesman Scott McClellan said. “The Democratic and Republican leaders of the Intelligence Committee have had access to this sensitive, highly classified information. The Democrats clamoring for it have already voted against the nomination. This is about partisan politics.”

It appears that the harmony that they Democrats and Harry Reid claimed would rule the day following the filibuster compromise was as shorted lived as an early John Kerry exit poll lead. The Democrats are back to their old games.

”John Bolton enjoys majority [Senate] support, and it’s a shame that Democrats are stopping a vote,” said Erin Healy, a White House spokeswoman. ”This is about partisan politics, not documents.”

The Democratic response,

”If this administration was really serious about getting an ambassador in place at the UN to deal with reform or any other issue, they would have cooperated with the Senate long ago so that it could have all the information necessary to make a sound judgment on John Bolton’s fitness to serve,” Kurz said.

No, I think more to the point if Senate Democrats were serious about what they claim they would not request documents that they know could and would never be given to them. This would be obstruction and a lose-lose for Democrats. One, they look like liars in that they promised harmony and then continue partisan politics. Two, Democrats lose face as they are never going to get these documents and will be forced to have the vote on Bolton.

I love this idea from Baldilocks in the Democrats only chance to get these documents from the White House.

Send Sandy Berger in to get those Bolton classified docs. However, the good senators might want to wear a mask while reading the info; after the heist, the papers might not smell too good.

Send Berger, that’s priceless. However, may just be the only way.

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