Our Immigration Enforcement Hard at Work


Illegal immigration is the hot topic of the day. The excuse to allow it focuses on “jobs that no American is willing to do”. However, what is the crime element to the illegals that are in the US?

What does it take for Immigration to finally realize that their are a dangerous illegal’s in the Country?

One would think that three burglary arrests might do it?

No, it took indicted as an adult on six felony charges, including attempted murder, sexual battery and kidnapping.

Such was the case for Milagro Cunningham, a Bahamian native, who escaped the notice of immigration authorities as his burglary charges were handled by the juvenile justice system. Milagro Cunningham then decided to escalate his crimes.

A 17-year-old Lake Worth teenager charged with raping an 8-year-old girl and leaving her for dead at an abandoned landfill is in the United States illegally, officials determined.

Cunningham allegedly snatched the girl from her godmother’s apartment, where he had been sleeping on the couch after leaving the nearby home of his aunt and uncle about four months ago.

In Sunday’s frantic search, the girl spent about seven hours buried under debris in a trash bin. Searchers discovered her when they saw part of a foot and hand at the old landfill. A college scholarship fund has been created for the victim.

All this created by the loop holes and failings of our court system and immigration enforcement.

“If he had been booked into the main jail, he would have been checked,” said Art Bullock, U.S. Border Patrol chief in West Palm Beach.

This is reassuring to know. I am sure the family of the 8 year old girl are pleased. Is someone going to tell me that illegal immigration is still just about jobs?

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    6 Responses to “Our Immigration Enforcement Hard at Work”

    1. tyler on May 27th, 2005 11:09 am

      I think it’s officially time to close down our borders completely. Say good-bye to the Mexican govt and just tell em they can’t come here anymore, at all.

      The company I work for hires legal mexicans, yet they don’t feel like learning english. And they all work in our kitchen. All our recipes are in English. As you can imagine it doesn’t work too well sometimes.

      We should do away with Welfare. Then all the welfare collecting parasites can take the jobs nobody else wants, that are going to the mexicans now. The number of illegals in Iowa is staggering and getting way out of control. Most days there’s a semi or something pulled over on Interstate 80 that’s carrying a full load of em.

      They help in raising crime rates. Nevada, the town in Iowa where I live, has seen an explosion of illegals in the past 2 years. I don’t think it’s coincidence that our crime rate has doubled.

      I give mad props to the Minutemen and Save-Our-State for doing what our government won’t to protect our borders and our way of life.

    2. Red on May 27th, 2005 11:57 am


      I would have to agree. Politicians on both sides need to stop pandering to Hispanics for votes and protect, ah maybe the people that actually live here legally.

      The lie of accepting illegal aliens in this country is the “job” thing.

      Someone made a great point the other day, that what would happen if an American citizen with no insurance (citizen who was a tweener financially) walked into a hospital and claimed they were an illegal alien to get the benefits. Chances are they would be brought up on charges of fraud and forced to pay the bill. How can America have a better deal for illegals than their own citizens? Just remarkable.

      This situation has gotten so out of control that it would be cheaper to pay higher wages and not have to deal with the crime and health care, education , etc cost thats are connected to illegals.

      The Minutemen Project and those who volunteer are exactly what built this country. Civic Responsibility. Not politicians pandering for votes.

    3. Deborah Lorenzano on June 11th, 2005 5:49 pm

      Well…..I hate to tell you this but if they cannot speak English fluently they are not legal.To become legal in this country one has to remain here for a long time…a very long time usually and then…to become legal you have to take a English test to speak read and write English….part of the naturalization process.So guess what ? Your company is hiring illegals also.You can buy fake socials anywhere if you know where to go for $60 and companies don’t check them.They don’t know how.If the new social security card passes through congress that will be laminated and scanned at the time of hiring..that will stop it once and for all but right now…And I can tell you owning my own small business you cannot depend on people showing up for work on a regular basis even if you pick them up,pay them good and feed them and bring them home.People don’t want to work in this country.

    4. moosetracks on June 22nd, 2005 9:43 am

      Illegals need to be sent home. We need to limit legal immigration too.
      Sar on the news, we let foreigners in on religious visas…Muslim clerics are coming in and preaching hate and violence towards Americans and Jews.

      Why in the world do we allow all these people here?

      I have been writing everyone I can think of in Congress and the President.

      This problem affects so many areas of our lives. Social Security, health care and diseases coming here, crime, drugs, tax dollars given to every aspect to teach these illegals and legals, and the list goes on.

      Just think how these tax dollars could help the long time citizens of our country.

      It’s time for our government officials to start thinking about Americans, and quit worrying about foreigners.

    5. moosetracks on June 22nd, 2005 9:47 am

      Tyler stated above,
      “Mexicans work in the restaurant…”

      What about the illegals? Are they being hired without taking a physical? Do they touch and handle the foods?

      Just how many types of business’ are hiring illegals that have not taken physicals?

    6. PJ Fowler on June 23rd, 2005 6:05 pm

      Local news stories in the last two days;
      Police in Salinas bust a ‘chop shop’ after a sting operation. 17 arrested, twelve of them illegal aliens.
      The manhunt continues for the hispanic man believed responsible for the grisley murder of a Hollister woman, found dismemberd in the trunk of a car. Police say he has probably fled to Mexico, but Mexican Police say they haven’t any leads.
      Hollister police arrest eight in a pre-Independance Day parole sweep. Most of those arrested have ties to Mexican Gangs.
      Open boarders?

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