Howie, the man of the (elitist) people


Richard Lowry has a biting essay on Howard Dean and his appearance last weekend on Meet the Press. Red and I have thought for a while now that Karl Rove could not have found a better man than Ol’ Howie to keep the Republicans in power. He tilted the democratic primaries to the left so far that there was never a chance of Kerry getting his footing with the general populace.

Now as head of the DNC, Dean’s tilting at windmills style has made Move On the democratic strategists. Remember this all you democrats. Howard Dean, your poster child was raised on Park Avenue and Southampton. Is a Doctor who now lives in Vermont, one of the least integrated states in the country. And he is your leader of the party of the people…

Ah, Karl, you are a master.

Howard the Horrible:

Howard Dean must be the product of a Karl Rove plot. How else to explain the Democratic National Committee chairman who so often acts as an unpaid agent of the Republican party? Democratic governors and senators run from him when he visits their states; he is badly losing the fundraising race to the Republican National Committee; and he routinely produces new gaffes. Dean’s handlers have carefully kept him off national TV, until they unleashed him on “Meet the Press” this past weekend.

Dean was returning to the forum of one of his signature triumphs in his presidential campaign. He appeared so ill-informed during a Meet the Press performance in June 2003 that his supporters rallied to him as a repudiation of politics as usual (boring, conventional politicians try to avoid looking ill-informed). On Sunday, Dean was every bit himself, nasty and shaky on the facts. After three years of high-profile national politics, he is still unfailingly able to project a sense that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Read the rest, you will enjoy it.

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    One Response to “Howie, the man of the (elitist) people”

    1. Red on May 27th, 2005 10:57 am

      When are we going to start a Howie Dean “I am stepping down from the DNC Chair” Pool?

      There is no way he is going to last until 2008 and Dem’s think they have any chance of winning.

      Unless the Dem’s market the Dean muzzle.

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