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A country that provides shelter to our enemies, hides weapons that we are searching, and provides all the banking services for the deposed regime of Saddam Hussien. is cooperating with the United States?

The Simple Minds over at CNN sure thought so from reading this headline.

Syria halts cooperation with U.S.

The Syrian government has halted all cooperation with the United States in sharing information about the war on terror, Syria’s ambassador said Tuesday.

Imad Moustapha told CNN that Syria’s decision came in the wake of recent “unfair and inaccurate” statements by U.S. officials that Damascus was allowing foreign fighters to cross Syria’s border to aid in the insurgency in Iraq.

“This is actually the state of the affairs. Today, we are not cooperating with the United States,” Moustapha told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Of course CNN is the news organization that covered up the atrocities committed by Saddam Hussien to maintain residency in Iraq. When you sell your soul to Baghdad Bob, I guess it is hard to determine who is and is not cooperating with the United States.

Syria is under intense pressure from the United States, and their leaders have heart palpatations whenever they hear a plane fly overhead. When you leave a country you have occupied, ie Lebanon, in a matter of weeks over a protest, you know the game is over.

CNN, when a paper tiger roars, you do not have to reply.

Fox does not reply whenever you roar.

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