The Recipe for an Extraordinary Circumstance


This phrase is going to be the phrase that haunts the Republicans for as long as their majority lasts. It is vague enough for the Democrats to use at their convenience, broad enough that every liberal pundit will hang their hat on it, and explosive enough that it will grace every story that is printed in the mainstream media whenever a Republican nominates someone for the judiciary that the liberal interest groups oppose.

The judiciary is the Democrats baby. They have lost the major battles of ideas in the halls of the legislatures. They need the courts to create and implement the left’s agenda.

  • When a reform is passed by the voters, the interest groups run to a judge to invalidate it.
  • When legislation is passed the judiciary interprets it in the strictest manner to benefit the left.
  • Whenever there are social compacts that need testing, a liberal judge will find the gray area and exploit it.

Why are the Democrats so obsessed with the Judiciary?  Because it is their last bastion. It is all they have. And it is there best weapon. If George W Bush gets his judges through, the Democrats lose power. And they can not stand that.

So now we have the lodestone around the Republicans neck.

For those looking how to prepare this tasty liberal dish, check out the recipe.

Extraordinary Circumstances (Serves 45 Senators)

The Recipe is very simple.

  • Take a New York Times editorial to say that Candidate X for the judiciary has “Extraordinary Circumstances”.
  • Add a AP article that quotes a liberal pundit and a leader from a advocacy group who comments on the unique and “Extraordinary Circumstances”.
  • Take a low level Congressman twisting an opinion or article that slightly implies a non PC view point.
  •  Let simmer for 3 days.
  • Give Robert Byrd a press conference or a Sunday Talk Show and  the recipe is complete.

Now You Have A Perfect “Extraordinary Circumstance”.

Repeat as necessary. Oh, served best with a quote from a RINO.

Cox and Forkum have a great illustration of the new game plan.


God Help Us All.

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