Reason #2,341 not to live in California


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Berkeley Daily Planet

At least when it comes to electrical things, do-it-your-selfers may find their craft considerably more expensive.

Starting Aug. 1, when the 2004 California Electrical Codes automatically take effect, residents will have to apply for a city building permits to replace or add wall, porch and ceiling lamps, light switches, electric receptacles, and other common do-it-yourself chores.

So changing that noisy electrical switch with a quieter mercury switch will cost a lot more. Besides the costs of the new switch, there’ll be the $81 basic permit fee plus an additional surcharge of $2.15 for each receptacle, outlet or switch and—if you want to add more—$21.50 for altering or changing wiring.

Under the current city code, such small changes can be made without permits and inspections; starting Aug. 1, not so.

Why is the politicians lust for the money so strong that they will make laws like this. Next they will start demanding Home Depot and Lowes to provide a list of people who purchase light switches so they can track them down.

I will stay in Georgia, thank you. This is another reason why I like the limited sessions of the Georgia Legislature. They only have 45 days to write bad laws.

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    One Response to “Reason #2,341 not to live in California”

    1. McGehee on May 16th, 2005 3:31 pm

      They can have my toolbelt when they pry it from my cold, dead … uh … well, you get the idea.

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