The Academy vs the Military


Elliot Cohen, and International Studies professor at John Hopkins University has an interesting article in the WSJ’s Opinion Journal. His premise is that the military is turning anti-education and by doing so is going to hurt our fighting preparedness. I do not think that this is the case, but on that note, the military is trying to maximize the time and technology afforded them.

He also talks about the reaction of the University campus to the ROTC and this I wish to address. Today’s campus is permeated with the ideologies of the 1960’s. There has been a purge of any who think and teach from the right side of the political spectrum. Most of the conservative bloggers who are professors have to do so until they have achieved tenure and are safe from the hostile environs they inhabit.

When Columbia University voted to keep ROTC off of the campus, they were true to themselves. They hate the war, they hate the Republicans, they hate the military. That is not even a point of discussion. If you are pro war you are immediately suspect. Heck, for a professor it is worse, your peers automatically question you cognitive functions, IE they think you are dumb as a bunch of rocks.

Even if the students vote for the return of ROTC two to one, the professorial class is dead set against giving the students what they want. Their hubris knows no bounds.

I would love the government to immediately cut all funding to Columbia as the Solomon Amendment states. Make Columbia prove their beliefs, take less money earned by the taxpayers and lose the opportunity to prestigious research.

They are taking the opportunity for the military to have some of our brightest students serving in the military. By making the campus such a hostile environment to students who love our country and are willing to fight for it, Columbia and it’s professors should suffer the consequences of their actions.


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    3 Responses to “The Academy vs the Military”

    1. FD on May 14th, 2005 12:41 pm


      Reading your post made me smile, when you say :

      …”By making the campus such a hostile environment to students who love our country and are willing to fight for it, Columbia and it’s professors should suffer the consequences of their actions.”

      Hostile environment huh? And so we can wrecklessly go to another country on false premises and burn thousands of people to death.I tell you, the conservative mind is a thing of the past for people who feel the pain of others.And that is the trend. People like you will become obsolete in the future.

      Wake up dude.


    2. Tom on May 14th, 2005 12:57 pm


      Interesting. Have you looked at the studies on the campuses of liberal to conservative professors. When over half the population espouses a view point and they are essentially banned from expressing that viewpoint by their professors, that is wrong. When the academy is so far from the common man, that is wrong.

      And now lets have some fun, how will you make us obsolete? The Conservative frame of reference is growing in popularity. Have you seen Congress lately? I know you control education and in true Marxist philosophy re-education is the way to change things. Unfortunately for you, the population outgrows your elite and immature philosophies that are brainwashing our kids. They eventually out grow such infantile and have jobs, raise families, and live the American Dream.

      While the liberals sit in typically government or or non profit jobs, whine about the world, do not have families, and if they do become pregnant, abort unless the situation is ideal. So we will grow and your folks will shrink.

      Oh, and another bee to put in your bonnet. Did you see that Dartmouth elected 2 CONSERVATIVES to their board? hahahahaha . We have figured out how to gain control of the Academy by going to the Alumni who are working and give a damn about our kids as individuals, not sheep to be brainwashed.

      How is that for a rant… lol

    3. Red on May 14th, 2005 2:17 pm

      Yeah Tom. Evil people like you that bring freedom and democrat elections to millions of people who otherwise would have been subjugated to abject tyranny, oppression and had a future of looking forward to mass graves.

      Just remember evil bastards like yourself will become obsolete in the future. That’s why republicans on college campuses are on the rise, Red states are gaining in electoral votes while blue states are losing population in mass migration and the MSM’s news paper circulation crashing to the ground. Yes Tom, you are a dinosaur and your thinking is so stale.

      You must see the light and become a Democrat or Progressive so that you to can only learn the words, no and obstructionism while offering no ideas at all.

      BTW, can I be obsolete too? How do I join that club?

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