Who Says Democrats Don’t Have a Sense of Humor


Via the Drudge Report:


Two congressional Democrats called Wednesday for an investigation into recent activities by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, suggesting that efforts by the Republican chairman of the private nonprofit to add more conservative programs onto PBS may violate federal law.

In a letter released Wednesday evening, Rep. David Obey, D-Wis., and Rep. John D. Dingell, D-Mich., asked CPB Inspector General Kenneth A. Konz to investigate the contracting, hiring and policies of the corporation, which distributes federal funds to public television stations. Both congressmen are ranking Democrats on committees that have oversight of public television.

They called recent actions taken by CPB Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson “disturbing” and “extremely troubling.”.

If this wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny. Maybe the two Democrats on the oversight committee on public television after they explain their intimidation tactics and abuse of power may want to explain why only liberal agendas are allowed on PBS.

An effort to provide both sides of the political spectrum on public television is breaking the law? The sick part about this is in the minds of Democrats it probably is. With conservative voices gaining footholds in the media, the Democrats must be feeling the pinch as it spreads to public TV.

I thought Democrats were for “affirmative action”? Wouldn’t this be the same thing? Its conservative voice affirmative action on the public airwaves. I just can’t wait to hear how adding more conservative programs onto PBS violates federal law. The Democrats are truly pathetic and getting worse.

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