When a Democrats is Desperate, who do they turn to? Larry Flynt of Course


When the Democrats do not know where to turn and they absolutely need to bring down a Republican they will alway have Larry Flynt. The eternal slime bag will say anything and do anything to help the Democrats and have the attention of the nation.

According to Mr. Flynt, Bolton and his wife attended Plato’s Retreat in New York, a swingers club. So he played the famous “How Many Times Do You Beat Your Wife Game.” and contacted his employer. When the State Department refused to participate in this ridiculous exercise, the ever noble and honest Flynt took it as proof and promptly put out a press release.

Oh, the poor Republican Party. If we only had such noble crusaders such as Larry Flynt to carry our torch. Then would we prevail. The population would rise up and forever smite the Democrats and forever power will be ours.

Hah! Keep it Larry and even the Blue States will turning Red. This petty and disgusting attack will go nowhere except to weaken the opposition to Bolton. The question posed to the Chafee’s and the Voinovichs will now be, do you opposed Bolton and side with the pornographers?

And Democrats, you ruse is up. The arguments against John Bolton are so few that he is a big meanie and he is a sexual deviant brought by the most notorious pornographer are all you have.

There will be a new Sheriff at the UN representing the United States interests. The Globalist will be fought back and lose the ground they have gained during the Clinton years. The rag tag collection that makes a mockery of human rights will be shown for the paper tiger and money pit it is.

And I will be smiling all day!



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