Voinovich To Allow Bolton to Full Senate Vote


It what can only be said to be some of the most hypocritical grandstanding from both Republicans and Democrats during the Bolton nomination hearings; OH Senator George Voinovich has decided to allow Bolton to go to a full Senate vote. What decisive opinions, a man of all sides. Please pick one and stick with it, thank you.

George Voinovich of Ohio, agreed to let the nomination go to the full Senate but he called the diplomat “arrogant” and “bullying.”

Voinovich said he could not vote for the nomination, but would agree to send it to the floor without a recommendation of approval or disapproval.

Understanding that if Voinovich had actually been responsible for blocking the President’s nominee and committing what is a kin to political suicide, the Ohio Senator has taken a stand of disapproval but will not block the nomination to go through to the Senate.

“We owe it to the president to give Mr. Bolton an up-or-down vote on the floor of the U.S. Senate,” Voinovich said.

Michelle Malkin is doing a great job Boltonblogging the event or might I say circus. Let us not forget Kerry Boltonblogging, you know that has to be a gem.

Earlier in the session, Voinovich had made the reference that Bolton would have been fired for his actions if he had been in a major commercial organization.

“Bolton would have been fired if he worked for a major corporation,” Voinovich said as the panel opened final debate on the nomination. Bolton is “the poster child for what someone in the diplomatic corps should not be,” Voinovich said.

I would disagree with the esteemed gentleman from Ohio. It works a little different in the private sector than Inside the Beltway Senator. Maybe its people like Bolton who are what is needed at the UN to correct the disarray and corruption that exists there. I would further go to say that maybe its a guy like Bolton who should be a US Republican Senator instead of the many that presently exist without vertebrae.

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