When You Have Friends Like McCain,


MccainWho needs enemies.

John McCain has always been about John McCain. He sits on the sidelines and lets the battles be fought out, and then at the last minute tries to be the knight in shining armor and rescue us all from the battle. All the while playing up to the press. Why the hell should Reid compromise when he knows McCain will come in and blow up any deal in exchange for a place on the couch with Katie Couric.

McCain is seeing the Presidency slip through his fingers. He could care less about the Republican party. He cares about John McCain and John McCain only. The AP Reports:

Republican officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Tuesday that McCain told fellow GOP senators at their closed-door weekly lunch that he believes Democrats will agree to a deal allowing confirmation votes on nearly all of the seven judicial candidates they blocked during Bush’s first term. Democrats want their right to filibuster judicial appointees as part of any compromise.

McCain, R-Ariz., said Republicans should trust assurances from Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., regarding Supreme Court appointments. Privately, Reid has told Republicans he will not filibuster any Supreme Court nominees, except in extreme circumstances, according to officials familiar with the conversations.

Sure, trust Reid. Heck, if Bush nominates a conservative judge and Reid doesn’t do all he can to stop him, Reid is the dead man. He will find a way to get out of any agreements to preserve his own hide.

McCain’s remarks at the luncheon drew no response until Frist spoke, according to the GOP officials who talked about the meeting. He said that as a matter of principle all nominees — not just most of them — deserve a vote. He said Reid has never offered a proposal to ensure votes for all seven stalled nominees, and rhetorically asked fellow Republicans which of them should be discarded, these officials added.

I am not a big fan of Bill Frist, but he stands on the right side of the issue here. If a nominee can make it out of committee, then they deserve a vote. Be it a Democrat or a Republican. Simple enough.

We need to find a way to get John McCain out of the process. He is not a party member. He may fall under the Republican Party, but his is not part of the party. When you provide the media and your opponents ammunition on a regular basis to undercut the platform, it is time to go. I would much rather he join the Democrats or become an independent than to maintain the facade of being a loyal member.

I wonder if we could form a 3rd Party. The Spineless Media Whore Party. McCain could be its chairman. Easily.

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