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Robert Novak has a commentary over at Real Clear Politics that could be explosive about an  investigation that leading democrats tried to shut down. It concerns the Clinton Administration and Henry Cisneros and how they manipulated the IRS.

A Senate rider inserted in an emergency appropriations bill in the dead of the night, which would close a rare window into political foul play at the Internal Revenue Service, was quietly removed Tuesday in Senate-House negotiations. That offers full disclosure of a major scandal that has been percolating for a decade.

The rider would have de-funded the investigation begun in 1995 of then-Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros by Independent Counsel David Barrett. The amendment was sponsored by three highly influential Democrats, purportedly to stop leakage of federal money in a run-on program and end persecution of a no-longer-prominent Democratic politician. In fact, Barrett’s investigation is the first independent probe, with subpoena power, of the IRS.

The meat of the report is a look into the netherworld of the IRS and its practices.

The report, described as 400 pages long with over 2,000 footnotes, is sealed by court order. So are Barrett’s lips. But enough has leaked from sources familiar with its content to suggest political dynamite. Sources indicate an IRS whistle-blower contends the tax fraud investigation was transferred from a regional office to Washington, where the IRS and the Justice Department suffocated it. That raises the question of whether Cisneros, then a rising Democratic star, was improperly protected by Clinton administration officials. Barrett’s use of the subpoena, according to sources, has fleshed out the story.

The investigation has been so protracted because of delaying motions by the Williams & Connolly firm, attorneys for Bill and Hillary Clinton. These lawyers, headed by David Kendall, are described as poring over the sealed Barrett report, according to sources, because clients are named. Coincidentally or not, the case aroused sudden interest within the Senate’s Democratic power structure.

Give it a read and keep it in the back of your mind. This one could be the final testament to the sordid practices of the Clinton Administration.

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    One Response to “Keep Your Eye on This One”

    1. Jami on May 8th, 2005 2:05 pm

      I figured you’d leave out how much money the government has wasted investigating Cisneros’ alleged tax evasion. TWENTY ONE MILLION DOLLARS. If Cisneros owed that much in taxes, he’d have to have made somewhere around $60 million. Unless he’s a movie star I don’t know about, I don’t think that’s the case.

      The rider was an attempt to stop wasting public money on partisan politics. I bet Monica Lewinsky never would have guessed that Republicans would pay $100 million on that blowjob she gave Bill. She must be good.

      Republicans need to admit their serious out-of-control spending problems and quick before the country goes completly bankrupt.

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