Liberal Politics on Campus. A Left Wing Witch Hunt


The College campus has turned from a environment where the discussion of  opinions is being silenced and the monotheism of liberal orthodoxy is the only allowed speech. Even the slightest breath of conservative thought is being met with a resounding roar from the liberal academy. This is the true testament of the 60’s generation and it’s taking over of the campus.

Cathy Young today has a editorial in the Boston Globe about a Professor at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale who had the nerve to assign as optional reading (which typically means that no one will read it anyway) for an American History course. The piece was discussing the Black on White killings in San Fransisco known as the “Zebra Killings”. The concept that any break from the orthodoxy that blacks are oppressed, and that they can do harm based upon a persons ethnicity is as against all that the liberal campus stands for. So the heretic had to be crucified.

The victim of this left-wing McCarthyism, history professor Jonathan Bean, identifies himself as a libertarian but is widely regarded as a conservative on the campus; he serves as an adviser to the Republican and Libertarian student groups at the university. (There are reportedly no Republicans among more than 30 faculty members in his department.) A prize-winning author, he was recently named the College of Liberal Arts Teacher of the Year.

On April 11, six of Bean’s colleagues published a letter in the college paper, the Daily Egyptian, denouncing him for handing out ”racist propaganda” in his American history course. The offending document, which Bean had distributed as optional reading for a class that dealt with the civil rights movement and racial tensions in that era, was an article from the conservative publication about ”the Zebra Killings” — a series of racially motivated murders of whites in the San Francisco Bay area in 1972-74 by several black extremists linked to the Nation of Islam. The article, by one James Lubinskas, argued that black-on-white hate crimes deserve more recognition.

Bean’s critics charged that the article contained ”falsehood and innuendo” and that, in printing it out for the handout, Bean deliberately abridged it in a way that disguised its racist context — specifically, a link to a racist and anti-Semitic website.

A number of SIUC professors who do not share Bean’s politics have rallied to his defense. Jane Adams, an anthropologist who was a civil rights activist in the 1960s, told the Daily Egyptian that the persecution of Bean ”puts an axe at the root of academic freedom and the freedom of inquiry.” She added, ”For anybody who is a conservative, this has got to be a chilling case.” Indeed, if this case is any indication, conservatives on many campuses are not just a rare breed but an endangered species.

The campus has turned so liberal that education is impossible on the liberal arts side of the school. The only thing that can occur is indoctrination. I doubt seriously a conservative could attain a history degree from a typical liberal arts school anymore. The only way they could do so is to lower their head and not say a word. The minute the students opinions were known, the professors would start lowering that persons grades till they were flushed out. It is why Rusty over at The Jawa Report has to remain incognito, at least he attains tenure, and most likely even after that happens.


I fear this is the new mantra. 

Unless this changes, I feel sorry for my children.


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