BlogNashville, Do you have questions of the BlogFather?


Blognashville_logoWe are off to BlogNashville, and we will be in the presence of Blog Greatness. Glenn Reynolds will be giving the keynote, seminars will be given by such blogging luminaries as Rebecca McKinnon, Dan Gillmor, Bill Hobbs, Dave Winer, and many, many others.

 GlennRed and I are thinking of questions that could be asked of the BlogFather, Glenn Reynolds. I know Red will be wanting to ask why he has not responded to the 315 e-mails he has sent for links. I will be wondering about the cameras that he buys and how he manages the information coming into his site. Frank probably wants to get a question in about puppies and blenders. Rusty has a couple of questions, but odds are, the injunction against him is still in standing.

So my question to you is, if you were going to attend BlogNashville, what would you ask Glenn or any of the other luminaries? Post your question in the comments, and if we deem one worthy, we may ask it for you.


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    2 Responses to “BlogNashville, Do you have questions of the BlogFather?”

    1. Red on May 2nd, 2005 5:33 pm

      Hey, its only been 312 emails about linking to my posts. Lets get the numbers straight. I have my own special graveyard file of failed IP request link rejections.

      I am not even sure if I can use my name in his presence, “Hi my name is Red”, get em its that email link stalker, quick get him.

    2. McGehee on May 2nd, 2005 7:30 pm

      Here’s my first question for Glenn: Why aren’t you reading my blog every day? It’s been months since my last Insta-Link.

      Here’s my second question for Glenn: Why aren’t you cruising my blogroll every day? There’s a lot of good stuff there that he’s never linked.

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