Belgium Doctor on Humanitarian Mission Bills US for Iraqi’s Care.


I guess he did not hear that the Marshall Plan had expired.

 Belgian doctors sent an Iraqi girl home Thursday after treating her for leg wounds caused by a bomb during the U.S. invasion — and sent the 51,570 euro ($66,650) bill to the U.S. embassy

“We haven’t heard from them yet,” said Bert De Belder, coordinator of the humanitarian agency Medical Aid for Third World which brought the girl to Belgium.

“I’m curious to know their reaction,” he told Reuters. “We’re giving them 10 days to respond … I don’t think they will pay it.”

Oh, wait, I got it, he figured that it was the UN that was going to pay. They never question a bill.

Evidence that hundreds of millions of dollars of U.N. Oil-for-Food (search) money ended up in the hands of mysterious Middle Eastern and Asian companies has raised concerns among congressional investigators that banks responsible for administering the programs shirked their efforts at due diligence.

For years, the United Nations’ $64 billion Oil-For-Food program allowed the sanction-bound government of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to sell oil and use the proceeds to buy food and other humanitarian goods for Iraqi citizens. But an investigation into the program that began last year reveals that billions of dollars disappeared.

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    2 Responses to “Belgium Doctor on Humanitarian Mission Bills US for Iraqi’s Care.”

    1. Michael on April 30th, 2005 8:25 am

      I’m curious to know. How many millions did America spend to help Belgium
      during and after WWII. How many thousands of American soldiers died to save them from the horrors of Hitler? How many wives, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters lost loved ones in Belgium?

      Is Belgium now willing to pay all those families back for their loss?

      Is Belgium willing to pay for the last 30 years of looking the other way as well over 300,000 died at the hands of Saddam?

      Is the Belgium government and taxpayers now willing to pay for all the past medical bills, jobs lost, families cost and broken for the freedom they now enjoy?

      Lets talley up the ticket for Mr. Bert De Belder. We pay the medical bill for the Iraqi woman he helped back to good health.

      But first let the Belgium taxpayer put up the Billions they owe the American families of war veterans from WWII.

      Its easy to make snide remarks, sarcastic gestures and crude examples of war when one does nothing to protect oneself or in fact turns the other way while millions are killed.

      Gives a whole new meaning to the name of Belgium “WAFFLES” and waffling all about, lots a good waffling talk, but no where do you walk.

      The day Belgium puts blood on the line for another nation’s oppressed Millions of people, then I’ll listen with interest.

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