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Please support immediately. They have formally announced that they have taken over the Democratic Party.

 ”Now it’s our party,” Eli Pariser, head of MoveOn’s political operations, wrote last December. “We bought it, we own it and we’re going to take it back.”

As Conservatives, we must continue to support this movement. For every rally that has, the Republican Party gets stronger.

These wonderful moments have been brought to us by .

Last month, another MoveOn rally in support of filibusters, held at a hotel near the Capitol, featured an appearance by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, along with Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Charles Schumer, Robert Byrd, Edward Kennedy and others. The 87-year-old Byrd worked the crowd into an almost evangelical fervor, waving his copy of the Constitution and yelling, “Praise God!” and “Hallelujah!” as he denounced Republicans.

So lets strengthen! We need more Howard Deans running the DNC! Any time a Democrat wants to think in a rational manner, they need to be stopped. If you have the time, money, and inclination, support the Democratic Underground. They are the new think tank for the democratic party.

The democrats have always been radical, but they have been afraid to show it. Any chance we can get the Democrats to publically radicalize their positions, it make it easier to reach the magical 61 Senators to break a filibuster. And in the end, that is the most important thing.


So Support for a more conservative country!

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    1. Scared Monkeys » Blog Archive » Reason #7 Why Democrats Lose Elections on April 27th, 2005 7:42 pm

      [...] sored by the liberal group MoveOn’s political action committee. Speech sponsored by who interestingly enough are reason #3 why Democrats lose elections. Seems that the RNC agrees w [...]

    2. Jeb Bush on June 7th, 2005 11:12 pm

      My friend, I don’t understand exactly how you think supporting the Democratic party will help us become a more conservative nation. Please explain.

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