Not So Fast Connecticut Law Makers


Last week Connecticut law makers overwhelmingly voted in favor of civil unions to gay couples. The media made is sound like this was a piece of legislation that was favored by all in the Nutmeg State. Not so fast according to AP, 3000 protesters showed up to the State Capitol in Hartford, CT to denounce what the CT State lawmakers had done.

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – About 3,000 protesters gathered at the state Capitol Sunday to denounce lawmakers who voted in favor of legislation last week that made Connecticut the second state to offer civil unions to gay couples.
Brian Brown, executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, urged opponents of the bill to vote against lawmakers who supported it in next year’s elections.

“Civil unions are merely a stepping stone to redefining marriage,” he said at Sunday’s rally. “Anyone who voted for this bill voted for same-sex marriage.”

Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell signed the bill last week after it overwhelmingly passed the House and Senate. The law, which takes effect in October, also defines marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Vermont is the only other state to allow civil unions. Massachusetts allows gay couples to marry.

Meanwhile, about 80 gay rights activists took part in a mock wedding ceremony on the Capitol lawn Sunday, criticizing civil unions as second-class citizenship. Many said they were happy the state approved civil unions but wished lawmakers had given gays and lesbians full marriage rights.

Janet Peck and Carol Conklin, plaintiffs in a pending lawsuit challenging the state’s marriage laws excluding same-sex couples, said they have always dreamed of marrying each other. They said they don’t know if they’ll get a civil union.

“We just see ourselves holding hands, looking into each others’ eyes, pledging our love and commitment,” Peck said. “It’s a vision we’ve had for 29 years.”

Capitol police had extra forces out Sunday to maintain order at the rallies. One man was detained after trying to approach the rally against civil unions and mouthing off, said Capitol Police Chief William Morgan. It was unclear if he would be charged.

On the Capitol steps, Brian Mock held a sign chastising the governor that read “Truth is not RELL-ative.” He said he had little hope that lawmakers would repeal the civil union statute, but said they need to know voters are watching.

“I do believe in stepping up for what you believe,” he said, “because God is looking down at what you are doing.”

A recent Quinnipiac poll in CT showed that civil unions were accepted by 56% while 53% were against gay marriage.

However, here is further information on how many states have polled on both civil unions and gay marriage.

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