Workers of America Unite, Here’s Something to Strive For


I guess the Democratic Party has been getting its minimum wage talking points from Fidel these days. With a little help Democrats can have you to living the high life of a Cuban resident.

Castro said this would raise the average monthly wage in Cuba to 312 pesos ($14.20) from 282 pesos ($12.80) at a cost to the government of $48.4 million.

Cubans welcomed the raises, but said it was still too little to live on. Rent and public services are heavily subsidized in Cuba, but essential consumer goods are more expensive than in the United States.

I think the exact quote was, “the raise is nice, but its still not enough to bribe the Cuban police to look the other way when I put my raft in the water to try and float to America.”

Next time now that they got this big wage increase maybe they can afford to float to America in a 65 Vette instead of this.

Hat Tip: JJ at PoliPundit

Update: (AP) That didn’t take long. Looks like these Cubans didn’t get a chance to get their wage increase.

The only question I have is why would these people leave an island and risk death when they have a higher minimum wage than the United States? Democrats, you mean minimum wage isn’t everything?

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