The Law of Unintended Consequences


The Republicans have made an offer to the Democrats.

We will investigate Delay, but we also will start investigating Democrats too.

Surprise, Surprise. The Democrats are balking at this.

In an ethics stalemate that is rivaling the most partisan legislative struggles, House Republicans are proposing an investigation of Majority Leader Tom DeLay while threatening to put several Democrats under scrutiny as well.

Republicans made their second attempt in two weeks Wednesday to get a deadlocked House ethics committee functioning again, adding the new proposal to blunt Democratic demands for an investigation of DeLay. Some House Republicans have acknowledged the steady Democratic attacks have made them nervous.

Democrats gave no ground. They said they wouldn’t allow the evenly divided committee to conduct investigations unless Republicans reversed a rule providing for automatic dismissal of cases.

The Democrats want to hang Delay without convicting him, trying to create the same impression they did with Newt. However, the Republicans have a great counter. Lets investigate everyone. Bring out all of the sordid deals that have been made.

And the Democrats are flinching.

Are you surprised?

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