Law Makers; Pay Attention to the Detail


(FORT WAYNE, IN) In an effort to make the streets and highways safer politicians decided to pass ordinances that would prevent the open container laws. They just didn’t bother to read their own words and fully comprehend the consequences.

Officials have discovered that the ordinance bans all open containers in vehicles — not just containers of alcohol.

That means an open can of soda, or even an open bag of chips in the car, is technically against the law, and could be subject to a $50 fine.

The State Senate had passed the tougher version of the present law in March 2005.

“The Senate has spoken,” Wyss said. “It will be up to the House.”

Current state law prohibits open containers of alcohol only if the driver has a blood-alcohol level of 0.04 percent or more.

The one issue that perplexes me with either of these bills. Exactly what difference does it make if the issue is one of an “open container” if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or not? Shouldn’t the law pertain to the driver whether it be a can of soda or can of beer; both will distract the driver from keeping his or her hands on the steering wheel. If the issue is only alcoholic beverages then state it.

Personally I am against such laws including cell phones, but if the issue is open container than keep it at that. I would hope that there is already a law on the books that says one cannot drink and drive. An open bottle of beer should never be allowed. It is amazing how a simple issue can become so complex because of all the exclusions that would have to be added to a simple concept.

Politicians, read the fine print and state what you mean. I’m sure there are some RV’ers out there that are wondering what your law states as well.

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