Pope Benedict, will the liberals respect him?


The liberal reaction in the United States has been visceral .

Since it is the way of the left to disrespect the institution of anyone they disagree with, I have a bet for you.

I bet the liberals will forever call Pope Benedict XVI not by his holy name, but instead they will call him Pope Ratz.

Anyone gonna take me up on it?

The Anchoress takes this concept and really runs with it.

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    3 Responses to “Pope Benedict, will the liberals respect him?”

    1. Melanie on April 21st, 2005 12:03 pm

      Well, I’m a liberal–though a born-again Christian for over 25 years–and I started calling him Pope Ratz from the start. Because I dislike him? No. Because I dislike the Catholic Church? No. Because the pun is irresistible? Yes!

      We can also call him Pope Ben–and wasn’t there a rat named Ben?

    2. Melanie on April 21st, 2005 12:59 pm

      Continuing my last post:

      I highly respected Pope John Paul II–but I also appreciated the Pope George Ringo jokes.

      Here’s a parody I submitted to http://www.amiright.com:

      POPE BEN
      (parody based upon “Ben” by Michael Jackson)

      Ben, the cardinals need vote no more.
      They’ve all found what they’ve been voting for:
      A new pope to call our own,
      A skullcap on your dome.
      You greet the crowds with glee:
      “You’ve got a pope in me.”
      (“You’ve got a pope in me.”)

      Ben, that eulogy from Peter’s Square,
      It impressed the people everywhere!
      Gays and feminists might mind
      Your ideas seem behind.
      Third worlders say with woe,
      “Another white pope—no!”
      (“Another white pope—no!”)

      We used to have
      John Paul II.
      Now it’s Ratz.
      Now it’s you.

      (We used to have
      John Paul II.
      Now it’s Ratz.
      Now it’s you.)

      Ben, your Hitler Youth was yesterday. (was yesterday)
      It’s no bearing on the you today. (or so you say)
      So, we’ll take a chance on you;
      At least we will try to.
      Whether you’re foe or friend,
      Now we have a pope called Ben.
      (called Ben)

      Pope Ben.
      (Pope Ben.)
      Pope Ben.

    3. amy on August 21st, 2009 11:30 pm

      is the pope the anti christ whats up whith that upside down cross throne he was sitting in on cnn

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