Churchill wanting his Free Speech, But Giving None in Return (aka Do as I say …)


So it looks like Ward Churchill still wants to spout out his hate and lies in the spirit for “Free Speech”, but does not want to reciprocate. Gee Ward, what do you have to hide? If you are so proud of what you say, then why don’t you want ALL of us to hear it?

Two Reed students invited Churchill to the Southeast Portland campus, said Beth Sorensen, a Reed spokeswoman. His speech in Kaul Auditorium was not publicized and was limited to students, faculty, staff and guests.

Cameras and recording devices were banned “in the spirit of creating an open forum for debate and discussion,” according to a written statement released by the college.

More like in the spirit of squelching the lies and hate and the opportunity to report what Mr. Churchill has been passing off as free speech.

Michelle Malkin has some more insanity from Churchill including photos.

It seems that Ward Churchill is challenging what others are saying about him. Funny Ward, why is it that you don’t open your forums up to ALL?

On Saturday, Churchill said his words had been distorted by conservative commentators such as Bill O’Reilly of the Fox network. “No matter how you parse it, the word ‘justified’ does not appear,” Churchill said.

Take a good look and listen for yourselves. Complete with audio and video at what Ward Churchill did on his Spring Break.

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