A Man with No Respect


Micheal Moore


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Michael Moore

There is a man with no class.

Posted April 17, 2005 by
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    One Response to “A Man with No Respect”

    1. Cynthia Cooper on August 31st, 2008 1:03 pm

      Michael Moore is beyond having “no class” and seems to be losing his mind. We understand this kind of ranting from Senator Kennedy, he has a brain tumor but what is Moore’s excuse. If he has a new found belief in God because thousands of people are going to be displaced or loose their homes, hundreds if not thousands might die or be left stranded in unfamiliar places not knowing if their loved ones are dead or alive and all this just to be on the side of the demarcates. This doesn’t sound like my God. My God is a loving being that wants the best for his children. If you are so angry and resentful at your life and need to make others just as unhappy as you are, you are living in a sick world and being in that world might want to consider that maybe Obama is the anti-Christ and has created this terrible disaster not caring about the human race but only having his way. I don’t live in that sick world, but since you do maybe that’s why you like Obama in the first place.

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