The Power of Freedom of Speech, HATE LOSES


Its looks like HATE loses.

CafePress has removed items that have recently come under fire for the content that they contained. The idea that “Tom Delay, Please commit suicide” or “Kill Bush” was some how not overly offensive and violated some contract terms was puzzling.

In a statement today, CafePress has removed the items.

The “Kill Bush” products have been removed from They were created by individuals across the globe, as are the more than 8 million products available on, a diverse network of more than one million shops.

Hate related materials are in violation of our terms of service and are prohibited from being sold through is an automated service, and as such, products are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that merchandise that is in violation of our terms of service is removed from our site.

To learn more about how works, please take the Tour.

– The Team

You can make a difference. I am all for the free expression of ideas and the right to market one’s product. However, marketing hate to incite others to possibly commit acts by creating an overly hostile and lunatic atmosphere should never be allowed. Debate the issues, disagree with the issues, express ones views in an intelligent manner. However, to wish harm upon someone because of their point of view is wrong.

We will follow up in the future with CafePress to make sure that measures are put in place to monitor such hate. Kudos to all who have expressed their outrage in this matter and have righted a wrong.

Kudos, Michelle Malkin

and the rest

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    One Response to “The Power of Freedom of Speech, HATE LOSES”

    1. Confederate Yankee on April 14th, 2005 2:38 pm

      They didn’t get them all. A more subtle Bush hater used HTML like code on a bumper stick that simply means “End Bush.”

      Of course, the clever lib says inteh text it is “closing Bush,” but as a long time HTML hand-coder, HTML tags are technically referred to as start and end tags. In addition, “Closing Bush” just doesn’t make any sense, though “End Bush” is a perfectlyclear threat.

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