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With all the Left’s complaining about the Patriot Act, that the US is no safer than prior to 9-11, and the War in Iraq being a distraction from the War on Terror; comes this great news for all Americans. According to Fox News and stated by the Justice Department:

Three men have been indicted in connection to an alleged plot to attack financial institutions in New York, northern New Jersey and Washington, D.C”.

The new charges against the three include conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, conspiracy to provide material support to terrorism, providing and concealing material support to terrorism and conspiracy to damage and destroy buildings involved in interstate and foreign commerce.

According to the indictment, Barot served as lead instructor at a jihad training camp in Afghanistan. He is also accused of applying to a college in New York in 2000 in order to conceal the true purpose of his trips to the United States. He never actually enrolled or attended any classes.

The terrorists appear that they were examining and casing many prominent value targets:

New York-area buildings as well as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank buildings in Washington, D.C.

Officials later told FOX News that other potential targets included the American Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Bros., Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve Bank, Bear Stearns, AIG, MetLife and JP Morgan Chase.

The Indictment can bee seen here.

More can be found from CNN; however, their couple of lines are almost puzzling.

At the time, law enforcement officials said they believed al Qaeda members were planning another attack on the United States before last November’s presidential election.

No such attack materialized.

Isn’t this a good thing that no attack materialized?

Our Government’s main job is to protect its citizens. Even more so in a post 9-11 World. For all those nay sayers that claim some how the US is in worse shape than prior to 9-11; how can we take them seriously? Partisan politics ends not at the borders, but at the protection of the citizens of America so that no 9-11 event can happen again. Must we be reminded by such horrific events that there are bad people out there waiting to do evil against us?

This is your Government hard at work protecting you. Why would anyone in this country be against the protection of its own people? Number 402.5 to think about next time you go and vote.

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