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Well I must say I never thought I would hear this from the NAACP. Imean I knew they would think it, but say it? The organization so famous for using the “race card” is accusing others of using it. My God this is not only the pot and the kettle but the entire stove as well. Black leaders of the NAACP, accused President Bush of “playing the race card” in his pitch to sell his proposed Social Security plan.

“Rather than playing the race card to set Americans against Americans, we urge the administration to address the long-term problems the system faces now,” said Bond, the NAACP’s chairman.

It is too bad that Bond cannot take that same philosophy on every other topic that exists today. Because this little comparison was so useful on dealing with long tern issues of terrorism.

“Recognizing the shorter life expectancy of people of color is commendable, but placing them further at risk is no solution.”

Critics of Bush’s plan say black mortality figures are skewed by higher death rates among infants and a higher exposure to violent crime.

What? When will black people wake up and figure out that those they are listening to and vote for at a 90% rate are doing nothing for them. That there are certain black leaders who make a cottage industry out of keeping the races apart. You have a Republican President who is actually taking into account the black bias of SS because of life expectancy yet black leaders are making excuses instead. The numbers are skewed because of “death rates of infants” and “exposure to crime”. How is this a skewed number when it comes to receiving SS? It is a fact and it prevents these individuals from ever receiving SS.

A leader of a black organization that is supposed to be there to help blacks actually turns his back on a plan that would aid blacks. Funny, if it was Bill Clinton offering this plan I am sure that Bond would be in favor of it. It should never make a difference who comes up with a plan that aids minorities. It is this lockstep Democratic Party voting that only continues to hurt blacks. Most people would use their “voting block” to negotiate for perks. Instead it would appear that too many blacks just wish to listen entirely to their leaders even when the opportunities afforded to them would benefit them.

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