Kerry: Do Something Important Like Go Windsurfing


There seems to be a trend with vanquished Democrats Presidential hopefuls lately. Whether it was Al Gore in 2000 or John Kerry in 2004, they just can’t seem to stop whining and take their loss like a man. Kerry’s latest excuse as to why he lost seems to be based on the fact that those Wascally Wepublicans used trickery to keep voters from the polls. Get over it.

“Last year too many people were denied their right to vote, too many who tried to vote were intimidated,” the Massachusetts senator said at an event sponsored by the state League of Women Voters.

Kerry also cited examples Sunday of how people were duped into not voting.

“Leaflets are handed out saying Democrats vote on Wednesday, Republicans vote on Tuesday. People are told in telephone calls that if you’ve ever had a parking ticket, you’re not allowed to vote,” he said.

In one of the more comical examples cited by the Democratic nominee that lost the popular vote in 2004 rather handily; Kerry referenced that Democrats were not allowed to vote in Democratic areas:

“…that voting irregularities in largely Democratic areas made it difficult for voters to cast ballots in the November election. A lawsuit in Ohio cited long lines and a shortage of voting machines in predominantly minority neighborhoods, but the Ohio Supreme Court dismissed the suit.”

I hate to inform John, but those heavily Democratic areas he is referring to are controlled by DEMOCRATS. Just like in FL, four years earlier, Democrats only have themselves to blame if they cannot competently run election polls in areas they control.

Senator Kerry, do you ever think it may be you who lost he election.? Mr Kerry, if you feel so strongly that you were wronged and their were voting irregularities then why don’t you sponsor a bill that Federally standardizes voting and registration? Let’s put an end to felons voting, double and triple voting, same day registration fraud and multiple state registrations to concentrate on fair and accurate voting results. I didn’t think so.

Laura Ingraham wrote a book recently about liberal elites stating called “Shut Up and Sing.” The book based on the premise among others that They (Liberals) think you’re stupid. However, in John Kerry’s case, although he also thinks voters are too stupid to understand how and when to vote, what best fits Kerry would be SHUT UP AND WINDSURF.

Over at the 1754 Blog, “there’s nothing more pathetic than a Boston dandy who lost the Presidency.” Well said.

Lorie at PoliPundit adding that they were doing a “public service” if Kerry were correct, touchà ©.

James Hudnall also right on the money. I just can’t understand why he wasn’t more appealing?

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    1. 1754BLOG.COM » Blog Archive » GET HIM A TISSUE on April 11th, 2005 10:40 am

      [...] nothing more pathetic than a Boston dandy who lost the Presidency.” UPDATE: A more comprehensive examination of Sen. LeKerry’s statement can be found here. [...]

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