How to Choose a Cut of Meat


Here is a great post from EHow

There are really only two cuts of meat: tough and tender. Tough cuts of meat contain the muscle, which requires braising or stewing to become tender; tender cuts demand quick cooking to retain their texture and seal in their flavor. Look for high-quality cuts of whatever type of meat you are buying.
1.  Choose a grade of meat.
2.  Beef is divided into five grades based on fat content, marbling and quality. Look for select (the least amount of fat; sold in grocery stores), choice (fattier than select, leaner than prime), and prime (the well-marbled cuts high-end restaurants serve, fattier but also more flavorful). The lowest two grades of inferior meat, commercial and utility, aren’t typically sold in grocery stores, and home cooks and aspiring chefs should avoid them.
3.  Lamb is usually sold as choice in grocery stores and has a purple U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection stamp to signify that it came from a healthy animal.

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      Johnny opens the envelope and says the question, …”WHAT ARE 3 EXPENSIVE CUTS OF MEAT.”

      Oh, how I miss his wit and humor.

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