More From Those Free Speech, Tolerant LEFTIES; Hypocrisy in Action


It seems like this is becoming a weekly if not twice a week occurrence these days. Liberal tolerance is at an all time high low. This time it happened to David Horowitz, president of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture. While giving a lecture at Butler University he too was hit by a pie. David Horowitz addressed the issue of recent attacks, instead of graciously brushing it off and ignoring the problem like Bill Krystol, Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter. All of whom have had attacks upon them recently. David Horowitz said,

“There’s a wave of violence on college campuses, committed by what I’d call fascists opposing conservatives,” Horowitz said. “It’s one step from that to injury.”

Kudos to you David. This issue must be addressed. This is a very key point that I have raised just recently. Something needs to be done and these security issues need to be addressed before some left wing nut gets carried away, escalates the violence and actually causes physical injury to someone.

Please explain to me how a guest speaker comes to a college campus and can not have their safety guaranteed? An individual gets a pie in to a lecture, how? I think it is safe to say that if one can get a pie in to such an event, some deranged moon-bat could probably get a lot worse in as well. Is there any check what so ever of anything that people come into these events? This is just a little bit of advice to College Presidents across the country, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? DO YOU THINK MAYBE THERE SHOULD BE!!! OR ARE YOU ACTUALLY WAITING FOR A WORSE INCIDENT TO OCCUR?

In a wait until something horrific happens environment, maybe you may want to quickly, routinely check people’s coats & backpacks before they enter the event? Nothing to severe or intrusive, but something? Or does the College or University want the law suit that is an escalation of violence away from occurring because they provided no security or safety to speakers they they have invited? Step up to the plate folks. It is obvious the Left can not stand free speech, the last college campuses can do is provide a safe environment.

It appears that OTB has the same thought as well.

The inability or unwillingness of university administrators to prevent these attacks is stunning. I support the right of Ward Churchill and his ilk to have a voice at college campuses. It’s equally important that controverialists of the Right have an opportunity to be heard as well.”

Well said.

Looks like My Pet Jawa’s what kind of pie? Let’s hope it’s another case of humble pie with extra whip cream in 2006.

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