Kofi, Know When To Say When


These days even Kofi Annan’s fans and supporters worry openly about his effectiveness. His critics, citing scandal after scandal in the U.N.’s domain, say the secretary-general’s reputation has been damaged beyond repair.

“People feel beleaguered, they feel working here is not the badge of pride it used to be,” Mark Malloch Brown told The Associated Press. “There is frustration with the leadership. We’re not seen as fighting back enough. It’s a bewildered, upset staff.”

But dismay extends far beyond the ranks of American conservatives – to longtime admirers like Salim Lone, who was chief U.N. spokesman in Baghdad when a bomb blast killed 22 of his colleagues in August 2003.

However, its amazing the myriad of excuses that they make for Kofi Annan after the scandal after scandal that has taken place under his watch. Its is as if the scandals “including corruption in Iraq’s oil-for-food program, a sexual harassment case dismissed by Annan, and allegations of exploitation by peacekeepers in the Congo, have served as weapons for those in Washington who view the UN as a failure”. Some have thought that Annan will step down after dealing with so much pressure. We are supposed to believe its his good nature in trusting people that has caused these scandals?

So which is it is he corrupt or incompetent? Either ones means he must step done.

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