Ward Churchill Is Teaching College Students. Maybe Even Your Children One Day


There are some things and people in life that are just wrong. Ward Churchill is one of these examples and the fact that he is paid to influence college minds is chilling.

This individual is what the University of Colorado is dragging their heels on as to whether keep or let go? Let alone the many alleged plagiarism scandals and other scandals we previously posted. I have always thought it be important to spend tuition money so my child can get an education from a person who hangs out at such events where they play “Pin the Molotov on the Cop Car.” Funny, I must have missed that game in my college, informative years. That’s right Americans are Nazi’s.

I want you folks to take a good listen and watch the video at what teaches your children at the University of Colorado for Undergraduate tuition per semester for full-time students in the College of Arts and Sciences for 2004-05 is $1,740 (resident) and $10,296 (non-resident). This is a man who had no problems becoming a tenured professor at a State College that is funded by whom?

Of course freedom of speech is sacred in the USA; however, there is a limit to the poison and nonfactual misinformation one is allowed to spread. Try yelling fire or bomb in a movie theater or airport and see how far your First Amendment right take you. Take another look at what passes for free speech and influences young minds.

Take a good look and listen and then remember this the next time those of you in Red States think that the Democrat is an OK choice or he/she is not extreme. Ward Churchill and the people at this event sure as hell do not vote Republican. Ultimately when you pull the lever for the Democrat, you are supporting Ward Churchill and the Anarchist’s who attended this event.

Elections Do Matter.

Hat Tip: 1754 Blog and Polipundit

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      [...] it, the word ‘justified’ does not appear,” Churchill said. Take a good look and listen for yourselves. Complete with audio and video at what Ward Churchill did on his Spring Break. [...]

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